What is carpet cleaning?

Carpets are a beautiful asset to any home – soft underfoot, warm, colourful and beautiful to look at. If you’ve invested in quality carpets that can last the test of time, you’ll want to make sure they look their best and are cared for, so that they last for as long as possible. A standard carpet should last between 3-5 years before it becomes frayed, but wool carpets may well last for longer if they are looked after – and wool rugs can last for decades if they are expertly maintained.

What are carpets?

what is carpet cleaningCarpets are made from thick fabric floor coverings with an upper pile layer attached to backing. Carpets will typically sit on an insulating layer of underlay for comfort and warmth. There are different types of carpets and rugs. Traditionally, carpets were made from wool (woven carpets), but today many are made from nylon, polypropylene, polyester or other synthetic materials. These have the advantages of being easy to care for, more affordable and have specific properties for different parts of the interior.


What type of carpets are there? Carpet Types and Quality.

Wool carpets

wollen carpet100% Wool carpets are considered to be the highest quality. They are soft to the touch, luxurious and are a wonderful indulgence for the home. Wool is also tough, naturally crush-resistant and able to stand up to heavy wear and tear from foot traffic. Another benefit is that it is resistant to fire, making it a safe choice for the home. In a fire it will smoulder, but it won’t catch alight and spread through the home. Last but not least, it is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it is gathered from sheep when they are sheared each year. However, this natural wool gathering process means that the final product is expensive and limited in supply.

Nylon carpets

This is a man-made fibre that is very popular for carpets. Nylon carpet prices are affordable and the nylon carpets at all are the most durable of the synthetic carpets, meaning it can stand up to daily wear and last for longer. In fact, it is suitable for both commercial use and heavy traffic areas. Nylon carpet is also mildew and mould resistant because it can repel water – another advantage for heavy traffic areas. Advances in manufacturing technology mean that nylon carpets can now be produced in thinner and smaller fibre strands which make for a more comfortable and soft carpet.


polymer carpetsSome big carpet manufacturers have also developed their own synthetic polymers, such as DuPont’s SmartStrand fibre. This is eco-friendly – made from a renewably sourced polymer. It also combines properties of comfort, stain resistance and softness. Chemical engineering and manufacturing companies are developing new polymers that offer cutting edge functionality, appearance and durability and the market is evolving rapidly.


Why do they get dirty?

dirty carpetsWith hardwood or laminate floors it is immediately possible to see the level of household dirt that builds up. Hair, skin, pet hair, dust, dirt, bacteria, soil and other items all gather in homes and with carpets, these elements get trapped in the pile. Often, a carpet will look clean but a close inspection or scrape against the pile will reveal clouds of dust and particles! This is why carpets need regular cleaning.

Caring for your carpets

Carpet maintenance needs to be carried out regularly with the proper carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning machines. Vacuum your carpet 1-2 times a week as a minimum to remove top surface dirt. This will prevent dust and loose dirt from becoming embedded into the carpet pile. If this happens, the carpet will begin to discolour and the fibres will be worn away.

If you have a loop pile carpet, they should be vacuumed using only the suction head of a cylinder cleaner. For a cut pile carpet, use an upright cleaner with a brush and beater bar.

Pay special attention to a regular vacuuming programme when new carpets are laid. Wool twist pile and man-made carpets alike need regular vacuuming afterwards to remove isolated particles before they bed into the fibres.

Professional steam cleaning

steam carpet cleaning in RichmondSo, what about stain removal for carpet and rug cleaning? This is where the professional cleaners come in, offering specialist services such as steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is an intensive yet gentle carpet cleaning treatment that both cleans and sanitises the carpet or rug. It works by injecting high pressure hot water, mixed with specialist detergent. Dry carpet cleaning and vacuuming are useful for light cleans, but steam cleaning removes micro-organisms and deep dirt that can remain in the carpet’s pile, and specialists such as Cleaner Cleaner will use a 6 step method of carpet cleaning. The professional carpet cleaner will use a hot water extraction machine with pressurised water and cleaning solution for the ultimate deep clean. The expert will tailor the detergent formulas and cleaning methods to suit the carpet in question.

The steam carpet cleaning process also helps to reduce allergens such as fungi, mould, mildew and dust mites – all of which help people who deal with allergies and asthma. By using professionals, the carpet also dries as quickly as possible, thanks to the quality of the equipment used.

The case for eco-friendly carpet cleaning services

Cleaner Cleaner also uses eco-friendly carpet cleaners, which are strong and effective – able to remove even the most stubborn stains – but without causing health problems. Some cheaper and non eco cleansers used by other steam carpet cleaning companies offer effective results, but can contain heavy metals and other chemicals that are not beneficial for health. By choosing only the highest quality eco-friendly carpet cleaners, we are assured that our customers’ carpets are safe for their families and pets to use.

How often should you steam clean carpets?

A regular steam carpet cleaning service will help to lengthen the life of your carpet, which is important if you have invested in a quality product that is designed to remain beautiful in your home or business for several years. We recommend that the professional deep carpet cleaning service is carried out twice a year as a minimum. Some Cleaner Cleaner customers prefer to have a carpet steam clean more regularly and take up other complementary services at the same time, such as upholstery cleaning.

Dealing with spills

carpet stain removal TwickenhamIt’s always best to deal with a spillage as soon as possible after it occurs. Use dry kitchen roll or a white towel to blot off the liquid stain. Scrape up any semi-solid stains with a plastic spatula. Then, use a clean and damp cloth that has been soaked with warm water, and use it to clean the remaining stained area. Dab the cloth into the stain, working into it, and then use dry kitchen roll to blot out the remaining liquid. Don’t over-soak the stain or rub the pile of the carpet, as it could become damaged. Remember to to work outwards-in when cleaning the stain as this will help to prevent it from spreading.

For a stain that is serious – not responding to treatment, or from a substance that you know is likely to be a problem – contact a professional carpet cleaning company as soon as possible. Professional cleaners can get a better result from specialist stain removal products and ensure that you get the best result without damage.

Preventative measures

Place good quality doormats by external doors to avoid dirt being brought inside and spread around. It’s also worth keeping light coloured carpets for inner rooms of the house and using hard floors or darker carpets in entrance areas.

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