Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning at Home

The eco-friendly wave is affecting more and more aspects of our daily life: natural food, sustainable production, eco-friendly carpet cleaning. And when you think about it, there is a reason behind this impact. Clean living has many benefits for improving our quality of life. There’s no doubt that we spend less effort maintaining our health, and nature is thankful for sparing its recourses. Remarkably, we as a society are striving to put adequate care for the environment. It is not strange that different carpet cleaning techniques and products or minimising their usage are heavily evaluated today.

eco carpet cleaninig at home

Eco Cleaning at Home – Is it possible?

When we talk about the environment and clean living, we are all ‘for’ it; we are well informed and competent…but most of us just talk. For example, when we clean our carpets at home, do we use eco-friendly products? If we have to be honest, the answer will be no, or rarely. However, we could easily change our approach to cleaning our home carpets and furnishings. All it takes are a few tweaks that won’t affect our routine but are quite beneficial for our health and the environment. 

So next time you reach for the chemical household and carpet cleaning products in the store, just stop and think if you can replace them with an alternative solution. And the answer is obvious – of course, you can! However, this doesn’t necessarily mean buying expensive products. We actually have all the active ingredients at home; we don’t know how to use them. Let’s correct this mistake by reviewing what we could use to clean our houses, carpets, and furniture more sustainably.

Eco Carpet Cleaning at Home with Baking Soda

baking soda eco carpet cleaning

Well, let’s start by reviewing the properties of baking soda. We can find it in every home, and we know at least a few uses for cooking. But what many people don’t know is that it is an excellent substance for cleaning lots of things. You can clean almost everything using baking soda – the sink and the bathroom floor, the oven, silver cutlery and tableware. Baking soda has excellent whitening properties. It soaks up foul odours and is also a soft abrasive, unbeatable in the fight with dirty surfaces.

So, how to apply baking soda to your carpet cleaning routine? You can prepare a thick paste by mixing it with water and treating different stains – coffee, juice and even rust. Another application, which is particularly suitable for eco carpet cleaning, calls for using the dry substance. Cover the carpet with baking soda and brush it into the fibres. Let it stay like this for 5-6 hours and, if possible, the entire night. After that, extract the baking soda with your vacuum cleaner. As a result, your carpet will be fresh and deodorised. Baking soda also helps loosen some deeply embedded dirt, and you will extract it when vacuuming.

Eco Cleaning With Lemon Juice…

Let’s discuss another food staple in your kitchen – freshly squeezed lemon juice! This fruit is beneficial not only for your health but also for the cleanliness of your home. Lemons are acidic and have slight whitening properties. You can add a few drops of their juice to water and use the solution to polish windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Lemons have a fresh citric aroma, so you can use the peels to cope with unpleasant odours at home.

… and with White Vinegar

vinegar eco carpet cleaning

While we are on the natural theme, we can’t miss the cleaning power of the white distilled vinegar. Like the previous natural products, it also has a wide application in home cleaning. It is fantastic for polishing hard surfaces, including glass, tiles, and plastic. It is ideal for wiping up your countertops and sink after cooking. You can also use vinegar to safely remove mould and mildew from your bathroom and toilet surfaces.

Although you shouldn’t throw away all of your cleaning products, you must remember that harsh cleaners usually contain toxic ingredients. On the other hand, you can use the three natural products we mentioned above for the eco-friendly cleaning of your home. Unlike the store-bought chemical products, baking soda, vinegar and lemon don’t contain any harmful ingredients. So there’s no risk for your health when using them as DIY cleaners.

Are You Looking for an Efficient, Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Option?carpet stain removal process

There’s only one downside of using DIY cleaners at home. To achieve the same results as heavy-duty chemical products, you usually need to put in a lot of time and elbow grease. If you need a good, professional carpet cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact us! You will receive a free quote, a helpful consultation and affordable prices.