Eco Carpet Cleaning at Home – Advice By Our Cleaners

The eco wave has affected more and more aspects of our life and daily routine. Eco food, eco equipment, eco production, eco carpet cleaning… And when we think about it, there is a reason for having such an effect. The benefits of this ‘mania’ are not just a few at all. There is no doubt about the fact that when we improve our quality of life we spend less effort in maintaining our health, and the nature is thankful for sparing its recourses.

It is great that the aspiration of people, business and the society as a whole is developing towards putting adequate care for preserving the environment. That is why it is not strange at all that reasonable usage of differentcarpet cleaning techniques and products or minimizing their usage is highly evaluated today.

eco carpet cleaninig at homeEco Carpet Cleaning at Home – Is it possible?

When we talk about ecology, we are all ‘for’ it, we are well informed and competent…but in most of the cases we just talk. When we are cleaning our carpets at home for example – do we use eco products? If we have to be honest, the answer will be no, or rarely. And this could be changed and it must be changed. It is not difficult at all and quite beneficial at the same time. So next time when we reach our hand towards the chemical carpet cleaning products in the store, let’s stop and think if it is possible to replace them with an alternative solution. And the answer is obvious – of course that we can.

Do not be ready to argue about it, because we do not mean to buy expensive products instead. We all have their constituents at home, we just did not know how to use them. Well, let’s correct this mistake by reviewing in details what we could use so that we can do an eco carpet cleaning at home.

So, we will now review what the basic means and methods for carpet cleaning without chemical products are. We only ask you not to be so skeptical and just try it – it’s worth it. And we, the team of Cleaner Cleaner, do not aim to mislead you, but on the contrary – we try to be your assistant with both, professional carpet cleaning services and valuable advice.

Eco Carpet Cleaning at Home with Baking Soda

baking soda eco carpet cleaningWell, let’s start with the examples. In the beginning, we can review the properties of baking soda. For sure we can find it in every home and we know perfectly what a good use it has for cooking. But what we do not know is that it is an excellent friend in cleaning lots of things. We can clean perfectly almost everything – the sink and the bathroom floor, also the oven and the silver forks and knives. The secret is hiding into its whitening properties. It is also a soft abrasive and due to this reason, it is unbeatable in the fight with dirty surfaces.

How do we apply baking soda in action? It is usually diluted in water until a thick mixture is achieved. Different stains and even rust are treated with this mixture. There is another, dry application. It is particularly suitable for eco carpet cleaning and upholstery. The surfaces are covered with baking soda and are left like this for 5-6 hours and if possible, the entire night. After that it is absorbed with a vacuum cleaner. And there is the miracle – the fibers are completely clean.

Another positive effect that baking soda has is that it achieves an excellent result when it is used for removing a number of unpleasant odors.

Eco Carpet Cleaning with…Lemon Juice

We will now continue with another product in the kitchen – the lemon juice. It is quite beneficial not only for our health, but also for the cleanliness of our home. We can use it without a problem for our everyday cleaning and without worrying for any negative consequences. After all – what can a natural product cause than an eco cleaning? The effect of the lemon (as well as of the orange and grapefruit) is due to the fact that it practically is light reactive natural bleach. It would do an excellent job for cleaning windows and mirrors, for polishing metal surfaces, and removing rusty sports. Another thing is that baking soda copes with bad odors and even more – after cleaning with it, you have nice and fresh citric aroma.

And the Apple Vinegar…

vinegar eco carpet cleaningWhile we are on the ‘sober’ theme, let’s mention the beneficial action of apple vinegar. Just like the other two natural products, it also has a wide application when cleaning our homes. Its biggest strength is in the fight with removing grease or dark sports from metal surfaces and vessels. It will also deal perfectly with a number of interior ornaments – they will shine like new.

Well, these are the three main magical products that we can trust for cleaning our homes. And more – unlike the chemical products, baking soda, vinegar and lemon do not contain any harmful substances and allergens, and we could be sure that there is no risk for our health and for the health of our pets.

The use of the above mentioned substances for cleaning our home can get you to the conclusion that you can throw out forever all chemical products, containing harmful agents. In practice, these natural products are always at hand, because if you forget to buy a cleaning product from the store, for sure you will have something absolutely ecological and safe at home, just look into your kitchen.

Still not Convinced in Eco Carpet Cleaning Efficiency?

carpet stain removal processIf you are still pessimistic about the methods and the ideas that we have described, and you are sure that you want to trust only the products that you buy from the store, we can also offer you a few advice about them. Just follow these recommendations and you will minimize the impact of harmful chemicals. What exactly do we mean? Well, for example when cleaning the kitchen, you should avoid products that contain chlorine and phosphates. Do not forget that this is the place where we prepare our food, so we need to reduce the risks for our health at a maximum extend.

For the other rooms and the bathroom, you should not trust products without aerosols, because they hide a danger of ignition. Although aerosols are under strict control lately, there are still some that contain chemicals which has an adverse impact for the nature, and that is not eco at all!

If you need a really good and professional and eco friendly carpet cleaning service don’t hesitate to contact us! You will receive a free quote, an user friendly consultation and affordable prices.