7 ideas for dealing with mould

Mould is among the “guests” that no one would want in your home – annoying and stubborn, difficult to expel. Cleaning is a task to be undertaken not just for aesthetic purposes, but pragmatic ones – to ensure the health of all at home. Never underestimate against mould, especially with mould spores that appear again and again. Let us not forget that DPI “pests” are the main culprits in most cases the development of respiratory diseases.

dealing with mould

Why Mould?

As we know, the main reason for the appearance of mould is moisture retention. It is therefore not at all surprising if we find mould in the bathroom. However, it may be elsewhere around the home, for example due to bad hydro isolation of the walls, floor and / or ceiling.

The discovery of the causes of mould is the first step towards solving the problem. Remove the premises as quickly as possible, because any measures that you would take to clean will result in short term solution. And you don’t want to clean mould permanently, right?!

Speaking of cleaning – how would you do it? What methods you have tried so far and what results you received? It will be interesting to share. If you have not yet found the right approach for the treatment of mould, then pay attention to the lines below. As many times before, we at Cleaner Cleaner provide you with some useful ideas that can bring things to a happy ending. You can use the guidance in your daily hygiene. You will need the help in cases of cleaning before leaving the house.

Here are our 7 tips for removing mould:

  • mould on curtainsGood idea when cleaning mould is to open the windows whenever possible. The goal is the penetration of fresh air to reduce humidity in the room and to remove stuffy air. It’s good also to isolate the cleaning room from the rest of the dwelling. “Quarantine” can be completed no earlier than the moment that the mould completely disappears. Otherwise you risk spores rippling throughout the other rooms, and then, you guessed it, the problem becomes twice as large.
  • From the beginning we said that dealing with moisture is the first and essential step in dealing with mould. Quite an important task, however, often difficult to implement. In many cases, homes with aluminium and PVC mould appears as if by itself, out of nowhere, for no reason. In fact, there is reason – the windows, the joinery predisposes to increase the amount of water vapour. To deal with such problem easier, you can use high-end air conditioner and / or moisture absorber. Whichever device you choose, the results will not be late, so do not hesitate. Remember that moisture in large quantities itself is also harmful to health, even without the presence of mould.
  • While we’re on topic health, let’s say that it is extremely important when cleaning the mould to be extremely cautious. Be sure to use protective equipment such as gloves, masks for mouth and nose, glasses and more. Such preventive measures may seem unnecessary, but remember that when it comes to health some precaution never suffered. And another thing – do not believe blindly on what is written on the labels of products. Even to statements that a product is harmless, keep in mind – if it’s dealing with mould, it’s strong enough and you should be careful.
  • mould on carpetDo not attempt to clean mould from curtains, carpets, tablecloths and generally any textiles, just throw it. No, we do not exaggerate. And no, not too far such a decision. Note that the removal of mould in such cases is a lost cause. Spores “adjust” between the texture and even though seemingly everything looks clean, pretty soon you’ll be starting to see mould.
    We know it’s hard to part with your favourite fabrics, but in this case it is the best solution. Your other option is to contact us. We at Cleaner Cleaner clean with proven practical carpet cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment and guarantee you that the spores will be destroyed and fabric saved from mould. Very good is the team of Cleaner Cleaner in professional carpet cleaning in London, but I will tell you another time 😉
  • The choice of products is a key point. Take enough attention and trust only chemicals that are active against mould. It is better to take a more expensive product to eliminate the whole problem immediately rather than spend extra money and time wandering while trying and change various chemicals.

The main objective is to clean mould bases, so that it disappears completely. Do not be satisfied with reducing its quantity. Even the smallest gaps ensure again “blossoming” of the mould and then in the shortest possible time and on a large scale.

Consider how to reduce moisture in the bathroom. Yes, it is normal to always wet, so it is its purpose, but no one likes to bathe in the company of mould. A practical solution would be to regularly turn the fan, or failing that, at least to ventilate. Make a habit to dry after every time you take a shower.

The most effective option for dealing with mould is treating it with white vinegar. Pour the sour liquid in the sprayer and spray the problem areas. Leave an hour or two. Take your time, make sure that the vinegar has done his job. Finally, with water clean places that have been concurred by mould. Do not worry about intrusive sour smell – it will disappear after a few hours.