Carpet cleaning when moving out

When your rental property lease comes to an end, you’ll inevitably be busy packing your belongings and sorting out new accommodation. Amidst the chaos of moving out, one of the tasks you’ll normally be asked to fulfil as part of your contract is getting the carpets cleaned.

before move out carpet cleaningAlthough hiring professional  carpet cleaning service when moving out of your rented property might not be your top priority, it’s important that you do give it some of your time and consideration. This is because many landlords may withhold some or all of your initial deposit if you don’t return the property in a spick and span state.

Unfortunately, a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner is rarely enough to warrant the carpet as completely clean. This won’t remove the grime, hair, dead skin, dirt and other debris that is trapped deep inside the carpet fibres. The only way to achieve pristine carpets at the end of your tenancy is with professional cleaning. So, what are your options?

Many tenants hire carpet cleaning machines, such as the Rug Doctor machine, to spruce up carpets at the end of their lease. While this may be a step up from a simple vacuum, it’s not enough to meet the standards set by most landlords and letting agents. To get carpets thoroughly cleaned at professional levels, you need expertise, trained move out cleaners and additional equipment.

move out steam carpet cleaningTo get peace of mind that your carpets will meet the approval of your estate agent, and to save you the time, inconvenience and worry, it makes sense to use a professional carpet cleaning end of tenancy business. The beauty of using an expert move out cleaners to clean carpets end of lease is that they have the knowledge required to get carpets sparkling clean, and understand what methods or equipment to use to tackle specific stains embedded into flooring, such as wine, vomit, make-up, rust or dirt from pets.

When you hire carpet cleaning machines yourself, you won’t have all the equipment to hand to combat individual stains, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you run the risk of making the stains worse than before! Many of the products used by professional move out carpet cleaning companies won’t be available for purchase or hire by the general public, so even if you give the carpets what seems like a rigorous clean, the actual results will only be limited.

Yet, if you require carpet cleaning and stain removal end of tenancy services, it’s important to ensure you entrust your carpets with a reliable and professional cleaning company that possesses the right credentials. Opting for the cheapest move out carpet cleaning prices may prove a false economy, and you may get ripped off with a poor service that doesn’t pass a landlord’s strict hygiene standards.

Instead, choose a reputable professional end of tenancy cleaning company, such as Cleaner Cleaner, which employs staff trained by relevant UK organizations like NCCA – National Carpet Cleaners Association, Trust Mark, Woolsafe, IICRC and TACCA. Cleaner Cleaner is also a Checkatrade member and is adept at banishing any type of stain.

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