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  • We remove all sorts of stains
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  • Advance stain removal specialists, certified by NCCA
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Professional Stain Removal London 

We can deal with any stain on any carpet, sofa, mattress or rug

At Cleaner Cleaner we offer cheap professional stain removal services in all areas in London. It’s the nightmare scenario. You watch helplessly as your glass of Bordeaux goes flying, coating the previously pristine beige carpet with a deep, red mark which is impossible to clean without a professional carpet stain removal. Or perhaps you come home from some essential ‘me time’ to discover the dog has run amok in your absence and your once-flawless white sofa is now coated in mud and even more unmentionable substances. You can rely on our sofa stain removal service to restore its former glory. 

Our technicians are extensively trained and certified in advanced stain removal

If you find yourself in such a nightmare, the important thing is not to panic! Help is at hand. At Cleaner Cleaner we are fully trained in the fine art of professional carpet cleaning and rug stain removal, and have a team of specialists ready to descend upon your stained carpet, or lovingly restore your smeared sofa to its former glory.

Over 12 years experience in dealing with, urine, blood, wine and tea & coffee stains

We’ve been dealing with the toughest, most stubborn stains since 2008! We are members of NCCA, TACCA, Checkatrade, Woolsafe, and IICRC, and our carpet stain cleaning specialists have been trained in advanced stain removal by NCCA and Prochem to ensure the best possible solution for your stain-related nightmares. We are fully insured, and should the worst happen, you can count on us to act quickly and effectively to deal with the situation in a calm and professional manner.

Satisfaction guarantee

In most cases where no home attempts using various products and techniques have been made, we can get the stain out, either fully or to an extent where you can live with it. We can help you!

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How can I remove stains from my carpet?

Do not scrub the stained area, only blot with a clean towel

Should you inadvertently cause a stain it is vital that you don’t start attempting to remove it yourself with every carpet cleaning product under the sun. It’s even more crucial that you don’t start scrubbing it like there’s no tomorrow. While your efforts are well-meant, they will very likely do a lot more harm than good. Scrubbing at stains usually only serves to embed them more deeply into the fabric or carpet and distort the pile.

It is all about chemistry and fibre type

The use of different chemicals and solutions to attempt to remove the stain is unlikely to work, and will result in a noxious concoction of harsh substances and clashing cleaning products stewing together and making removal of the stain even harder.

Supermarket stain removal products often make it worse

There aren’t any domestic cleaning products that are effective at removing truly stubborn stains like red wine, coffee or tea, and pet urine stains. Attempting to do it without professional advice and help, is almost certainly going to exacerbate the problem. Keep calm! Before you do anything, give us a call and let us know what you’re dealing with. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on the best course of action, and we will create a tailored approach to the problem depending on the exact nature of the stain, and the specific item it is covering. For example, removing stains from carpets isn’t quite the same as removing stains from upholstery, mattresses or even rugs. We will be able to determine the best course of action and carry it out for you.

We will be happy to offer you Free no obligation advice

Here at Cleaner Cleaner we have a consistently proven track record for excellent results and service. Our customer feedback is shining with praise and is second to none. We pride ourselves in delivering the personal touch and a bespoke solution to your particular needs. We use the most modern carpet stain removal technology, and are conscious that our methods are ecologically friendly, and completely safe for you, your family, and your pets. If you’re looking for stain removal experts in London and the Home Counties, look no further. Give us a call now! We’d be delighted to help…

Can you remove a red wine stain?
Yes we can , we have successfully removed many red wine stains from various types of carpets and fabrics.
Can you remove tea or coffee stains?
We have successfully removed many tea and coffee stains from sofas and carpets throughout our 12 years of operation.
Can you get a blood stain out?
Yes we can! We have successfully removed many bloods stains from carpets, rugs , mattresses and sofas.
Have you cleaned a stain like mine before?
We have cleaned all sorts of stains from all types of carpets, sofas, mattresses and rugs. Just send us a picture of the stain and we will get back to you with free advice and a no obligation quote.
Can you clean stains from my delicate rug, sofa or carpet?
We have helped many customers reclaim the glamorous look of their delicate carpets, sofas and rugs. We are certified fine fibre care specialists. We are confident that we can help you too!
Can you guarantee the stain will come out?
We have a very high success rate in removing all sorts of stains when no home cleaning has been attempted, however, we cannot guarantee that every stain will be entirely removed. You can find photos of our latest stain removal jobs here.

How much will it cost?
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