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Free tips how to look after your precious leather furniture:

  • You should avoid using any harsh cleaning products, including baby wipes, and never use bleach on your furniture. Should spillages occur do not use any cleaning products, as they will react with the substance you have spilled and will make it worse even impossible to clean. Use moist clean soft white cotton towel to wipe the leather sofa on a monthly basis, and at least once a year have your sofa cleaned by a professional. Maintenance is the key!
  • Avoid placing leather furniture in direct sun light, this will protect your sofa from drying out and discolouring.
  • Ensure you have your leather sofa protected before you use it, as this will stop it from staining and having to be refurbished within a few months of purchasing it. A majority of large shops will sell leather sofas without them being protected first
How do you clean leather?
We clean leather by hand, using professional grade leather cleaning products
Can you clean suede?
We can clean both real and faux suede
Can you remove ink marks from my leather sofa?
We can remove ink stains from leather sofas

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