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    Address details

    Address details
    When is service needed? 

    cleaning service should take place after you have moved out and ideally up to 24 hours prior to the inventory checkout.

    Preferred starting time? 

    The service usually takes half a day. Personal possessions (clothes, food, toiletries) have to be completely moved out for us to carry out the service.

    Property details

    How many bedrooms? 

    If it is a studio flat please select 1, and let us know it is a studio in the additional information field at the end

    We assume there is one kitchen and one living room. Any additional rooms which require cleaning?
    Do you need any blinds or
    shutters to be deep cleaned? 

    Dusting only of venetian blinds or window shutters is included in our service. Wiping of each and every slat is considered deep cleaning.

    Carpet & upholstery cleaning

    Vacuuming of carpets and soft furnishings is included in our service. Do you require professional steam cleaning?
    Please select the carpeted rooms you would like to be professionally steam cleaned?
    Please select any mattresses or upholstery to be professionally steam cleaned?

    Contact details

    Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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