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Free antiviral treatment; our fight against Covid 19

23 March 2020

We hope that everyone is well staying safe and staying at home!

As a response to the current situation we have added an additional step completely free of charge which we believe will be beneficial to everyone. 

Free disinfection and antiviral treatment

As we are all taking precautions and implementing further efforts to increase our cleaning standards due to the COVID-19 situation, at Cleaner Cleaner we are now applying an antiviral, antibacterial spray to sanitise all surfaces. This will provide a completely sterile environment for our teams to work in and a healthy home, ready for new tenants to move in.  

The antiviral product

The product we use works against enveloped viruses (such as HIV, Chicken Pox, Influenza A, Hepatitis C and Coronaviruses) by destroying the membrane much like alcohol-based products, however QAT (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) provides longer lasting protection. This can be used on pretty much all hard surfaces and any wet cleanable fabrics, carpets, curtains and rugs.

Added value and peace of mind 

We are always happy to add more value to our services. We are offering this additional step to our professional carpet, upholstery and end of tenancy cleaning services completely free of charge. We hope this puts minds at ease, especially to those moving into new homes.    

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The silver lining with the coronavirus

5 March 2020

It’s certainly not nice to hear about the rising number of people affected by the coronavirus around the globe, however every negative event has its silver lining. I reckon that the whole coronavirus outbreak will benefit towards raising the hygiene standards across the average UK household. Hopefully these high standards will remain as high long after the coronavirus pandemic.

Simple hygiene rules:

1.         Wash hands regularly throughout the day

2.         Wash clothes once a week

3.         Wash bed linen once a week

4.         Air your property morning and evening to let fresh air

5.         Deep clean and then wipe inanimate surfaces: door handles, worktops, tv remotes, mobile phone with antibacterial wipes

6.          Steam clean carpets , curtains and soft furnishings

There are number of chemicals may be able to destroy the Coronavirus, however, the efficacy tests are done in controlled, clinical environments meaning that the real world application may not achieve the same results.

It is important to understand that most antimicrobial chemicals (disinfectants) are not going to achieve the desired results when applied to soiled surfaces, carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, curtains, inanimate surfaces etc. 

We advise proper cleaning of surfaces, like washing of hands, which offers more protection than application of hand sanitiser as it actually removes the contamination rather than trying to “kill” or “destroy” it.  

Even surfaces that appear visibly clean must be cleaned thoroughly prior to application of disinfectants. 

Keep your homes and offices clean is our advice to you!

You can find further information here.

The importance of using a certified stain removal specialist with your carpets and soft furnishings

13 January 2020

Precision is crucial when it comes to stain removal

When your favourite item of furniture or expensive carpet suffers from a sudden spill that immediately produces a stain, your first reaction is often to attempt to remove the stain yourself. With supermarkets offering such a wide range of products with names that promise to banish all manner of stains, it’s no surprise that consumers reach for a bottle off the shelf. Many people don’t know, however, that according to a recent report, in 90% of cases in which a customer attempts to remove a stain themselves it ends in an insurance claim and a write-off. The truth is that stain removal is actually a matter of chemistry and, as a result, there is no single product that can tackle all stains on any carpet fibre!

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What you didn’t know about leather furniture, and how to clean it!

28 November 2019

Buying leather furniture is often about having a thing of beauty in your living room or workplace. Leather sofas are considered to be comfortable and hardwearing too.

There’s another big factor in the leather vs fabric debate. Recent research shows that 95% of people who buy leather furniture expect it to last longer than fabric. Also, the popular perception is that leather is easier to clean and maintain.

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End of Lease Tenants Guide: Stress-Free Checklist for Moving Home

4 April 2019

Moving into a new home can be very exciting. It can also be very stressful. This end-of-lease moving guide is designed to help you make sure you experience a smooth move rather than a rough ride.

We like to think our checklist is pretty comprehensive and we are confident that by following it, moving out of a rented property and moving into your new home will be less stressful and more exciting. 

How much time you give yourself to do all these tasks will depend on how much you need to do – so we recommend you scan through the list now and decide how much time to give yourself – some people need at least 2 months. 

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How we helped a Landlady in Wandsworth

22 December 2018

Initial contact
Louise, a Landlady in Wandsworth, reached out to us via the contact form on our website in need of an end of tenancy cleaning for her property after the previous tenants, not realising it was their responsibility, failed to organise their own cleaning. Read More »

What time of the year is best to have your carpets cleaned?

26 October 2018

what is the best time to clean your carpets

Carpets can make a home feel nice and cosy. Carpets not only feel nice under ones feet, they also act as a sound and thermal insulation. However, they also trap a lot of airborne dust that would otherwise cause allergies and affects those who suffer from asthma. As with everything we often use, they accumulate dust and grime and after few months start to look grubby. Read More »

Carpet cleaning what should you expect from the service

30 September 2018

Carpet cleaning is considered, by many, a magic service that can lift old stains which have been unsuccessfully attempted with various cleaning products, or remove imbedded pet hair from carpets that have not been vacuumed for prolonged periods of times, or eliminate furniture indentation marks from furniture that sat in situ for years. Read More »

Customer’s appreciation means a lot!

20 September 2018

Little things that make a huge difference in our lives as carpet cleaners. Read More »

End of tenancy cleaning – what do you get for your money

12 September 2018

It has been a crazy summer, the demand for end of tenancy cleaning services has been sky high. We have been getting up to 100 requests for end of tenancy cleaning quotes every day which has put us under immense pressure.

Throughout the summer several customers expressed their concerns about the price they paid after service was carried out. All concerns were of the same kind, but I will tell you about one of them. Read More »