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Carpet Cleaning in London by Cleaner Cleaner Ltd.

Do you need the best carpet cleaning service in London?

Whether you are a house proud homeowner in need of delicate carpet cleaning to keep your floor coverings at their best, a tenant leaving a carpeted property in need of a deep carpet cleaning to get the deposit back, or just need to freshen up your tired looking carpets before the in-laws visit, we at Cleaner Cleaner have the solution for you! We also offer emergency carpet cleaning services for those heart-stopping moments when you see your coffee or red wine flying and landing all over the carpets!

Certified carpet care specialists - NCCA, IICRC, WoolSAFE, Trust Mark, TACCA

The different types of carpet fibres require specific treatment, care and skill. We are committed to ongoing training and certification as a member of the National Carpet Cleaning Association. We offer a range of carpet cleaning services to care for all carpet types: synthetic, wool, blended, silk, seagrass, coir, viscose, Tencel.

Family run company with core mission to deliver 100% Satisfaction

Cleaner Cleaner Ltd is a family run professional carpet cleaning company, that is small enough to care, and experienced enough to cope. We believe that our customers deserve the best carpet cleaning service in London, and we are always happy to go the extra mile, or two, to deliver it! Below you can find real life videos with examples of our work.

How much it will cost to get my carpets cleaned?

Customers can choose between three different levels of service, depending on their budget and requirements.Silver service is our budget option great for end of tenancy carpet cleaning. Gold is our deluxe service and is homeowner’s favourite with lots of perks and bursting with value. Platinum is our ultimate service. You can choose what is best for you. It is truly affordable to everyone!


  Silver Gold Platinum
Up to 12ft x 12ft
£25 £35 £45
Living room
Up to 15ft x 15ft
£30 £40 £50
Up to 4ft x 10ft
£15 £25 £35
Set of Stairs
per set of 12
£25 £35 £45
Up to 4ft x 4ft
£10 £15 £20
Rug from £20 from £30 from £50

  Minimum spend of £50+ VAT apply




Type of service Silver Gold Platinum
Fiber Identification ? ? ?
Pre Treatment ? ? ?
Stain treatment ? ? ?
Moving small furniture ? ? ?
Powerful Steam Cleaning ? ? ?
UV Light Check ? ? ?
Advanced Stain Treatment ? ? ?
Deodorising ? ? ?
Cover shoes provided ? ? ?
Disinfection Treatment ? ? ?
Ph Check ? ? ?
Speed Drying ? ? ?


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Professional carpet cleaning methods available

Carpet steam cleaning

Suitable for wool, wool blend and synthetic carpets, hot water extraction, also known as carpet steam carpet cleaning, is the most commonly used method and for the majority of carpet cleaning tasks is the most efficient.

Our professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning london method includes industrial vacuuming and sanitation by injecting pressurised hot water and detergent into carpet fibres.

carpet cleaning london

Benefits of Carpet steam cleaning

  • Deepest of cleans
  • Great stain removal
  • Healthier home

Often referred to as wet carpet cleaning” or “carpet shampooing”, this service is performed with a hot water extraction machine that uses highly-pressurised water in combination with a cleaning solution to provide your carpet with the deepest of cleans and short drying times.

Steam carpet cleaning initially involves a high-filtration vacuum followed by a pre-treatment cleaning agent which is applied to agitate soils and other debris that cling to carpet fibres. A hot rinsing solution is then sprayed on to the carpet fibres through spray jets and recovered by a powerful vacuum. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, steam carpet cleaning services reduce allergens, molds, fungi, mildew and dust mites– all of which can contribute to poor health. The results feels as nice as getting to bed with freshly cleaned linen.


Dry carpet cleaning

Often referred to as Low Moisture carpet cleaning, the dry carpet cleaning method is best suited to luxury carpets made of natural fibre such as Viscose, Tencel and seagrass carpets. It can also be used on synthetic or wool carpets, mainly in busy environments such as hotels, restaurants, and meeting venues where downtime is rarely possible.

dry carpet cleaning london

Benefits of Dry compound cleaning:

  • No downtime, ready to use after the service
  • Great for delicate carpets
  • Eco friendly – no waste water


In this carpet cleaning service, we utilise professional solvent powder to encapsulate soil within the carpet fibres then vacuum the loose particles. When power-vacuumed, the carpeted area is sprinkled cleaning agent which is brushed into the carpet pile using Contra Rotating Brushes machine to allow the medium to come into contact with the soil. The carpet is then given a thorough and powerful vacuum to remove the cleaning powder together with the soil. You will be left with nicely clean and freshly scented carpet.

For the best results, we use dry carpet cleaning systems from Cleantec, HOST and Sebo. Please note that although dry compound cleaning is a great method for professional cleaning of delicate carpets, it has limited stain removal capabilities.


Scotchguard Stain Protection

 Most carpets and rugs come usually pre-treated with stain protector, but it typically wears off within a year. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to apply carpet stain protector which helps repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of the fibres of your carpets and rugs. That means you can wipe the surface clean, before the mess sinks in should an accidental spill occur. Carpet stain protection

carpet stain protection

Benefits of Stain protection

  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Does not change feel or look of fibres
  • Keeps carpets looking clean for longer


Would you like us to take care of your carpets?  

Contact us now on 02037576248 or use the contact form above by click “Get A Quote.” We cover all areas of London including North London, Central London, West London and South West London, and parts of Essex.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which carpet cleaning method is the best?
The best carpet cleaning method largely depends on type of carpet fibre. Hot water extraction, also referred to as carpet steam cleaning is best for wool, synthetic and wool blend carpets whilst dry compound cleaning which is best for cleaning carpets with natural fibres such as Viscose, Tencel, Seagrass and Jute.
Are the cleaning shampoos that you use hazardous for pets and children?
We use professional grade cleaning products that are specially formulated for safe use in a home environment. The solutions are 100% safe for pets and children. We can provide a safety data sheet on request.
How long will it take for my carpets to dry after they have been steam cleaned?
It usually takes around 2-5 hours after the cleaning for carpets to dry out naturally. In the meantime, we provide you with free plastic overshoes so that you can walk on the carpet as soon as we have finished cleaning it.
How long does the carpet cleaning service take?
Duration of the carpet cleaning process will depend on certain factors such as the level of soiling, ease of access, and amount of furniture. We can provide you with an estimated duration when you book the service and our professional carpet cleaners will can confirm this once they arrive is on site
Would you move the furniture around?
We can move items of furniture such as coffee tables, sofas, chairs, beds, and chests of drawers, provided there is enough room to do so, and it is safe for the technican and the furniture.
How many carpet cleaning technicians will come to my property?
Just the one. The carpet cleaning professional will arrive at your premises at the scheduled time with all the equipment to carry out the work.
Can you guarantee all stains will be removed?
We can’t guarantee that every stain will be entirely removed, however our technicians are fully trained and experienced professionals who would deliver the best result possible ,using industry approved methods ,and taking advantage of best machines and professional products available on the market ! We can’t guarantee that every stain will be entirely removed in its entirety, although our carpet cleaners are fully trained, certified and experienced professionals who are more than capable of delivering the best possible results.
What machines do you use to clean carpets?
We use industrial Prochem professional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines, and cleaning products from Prochem, Alltec and Chemspec.
Do i need to pay for parking or congestion charges?
We will try and find a free parking space , however if there is non available ,Customer either have to provide a parking voucher or pay the parking fee. Congestion charge only if applicable.
Why should i use NCCA certified carpet cleaning company?
NCCA stands for National Carpet Cleaners Association, and it is the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to carpet and upholstery cleaning. In order to become a member of the NCCA, a carpet cleaning company is obligated to send its technicians to undergo a comprehensive training programme. Furthermore, we are obligated by law to ensure our professional carpet cleaners are fully insured and can provide the highest standards of service and professionalism within the industry. Our technicians are fully trained by NCCA, IICRC, WoolSafe, Prochem Stain removal and TACCA, all of which have presented us with valuable knowledge and tremendous confidence to deliver the best results to our customers.
Is carpet cleaning service available near me?
Our carpet cleaning near me services are available in all areas of London and Home Counties. When you search for carpet cleaning near me, It is not that important if carpet cleaning company is local, what's more important is if the technicans are trained and experienced and know what they are doing. If you are not sure if we cover your area please get in touch with our friendly customer service people and they will be happy to help.
Do you offer carpet cleaning machine rental?
Unfortunately, we do not offer carpet cleaning machine rental because one has to be fully trained and qualified in order to use such equipment. We actually offer fully qualified and insured carpet cleaning services that work out cheaper than hiring a carpet cleaning machine - and you don’t have to waste your own time doing it yourself!
How competitive are your prices for carpet cleaning ?
Our prices are very competitive. We offer three levels of service to make our carpet cleaning london service affordable to everyone. Our fair and affordable pricing policy is one of the reasons why 90% of our clientele are returning customers. They even recommend us to family and friends!
Do carpet cleaning services leave a bad chemical smell?
No. We use professional solutions that are scented to leave a pleasant fragrance after cleaning. We can assure you there will be no foul smells. Wool carpets may smell like a bit like a wet sheep after cleaning but that will dissipate within a few hours.
How often should i get my carpets cleaned?
Carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming your carpet at least once a week, or once a day if you have pets or small children. The recommended timespan for professional steam cleaning is between 6-18 months depending on the amount of foot traffic and grime your carpets are subjected to.

So how does it work?

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