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Do you need someone you can trust to take good care of your carpets in Fulham?

Carpets are some of the most expensive items in your home. They get used daily, and need good maintenance if you like to keep them looking good, and last for a long time. We at Cleaner Cleaner offer complete carpet care: carpet cleaning, stain protection, moth proofing, flea testing, stain removal. We specialise in synthetic, wool, blended , and delicate carpets. As well as carpet cleaning in Fulham, we can also clean sofas, rugs, mattresses and curtains

Our goal is to deliver a service that bursts with value. We are not after your money. We are after your smile

We are fully certified by NCCA, TACCA, IICRC, WoolSAFE, Trust Mark, and CheckaTrade. You can rest assured that you will get the best carpet cleaning in . We update our knowledge annually we attend all training courses available to get to know the newest methods and techniques. This is how we make sure that we can deliver the best results to you. We are the go to carpet cleaners for many designers and shops that sell luxury carpets and rugs in Fulham and Parsons Green.

Carpet Steam Cleaning  and Dry Carpet Cleaning methods are available in Fulham and Parsons Green

The two most common and most effective carpet cleaning methods are the hot water extraction , also referred to as carpet steam cleaning and the dry compound cleaning. Each has its own perks, both are good and effective. If no downtime is possible or fibres are delicate dry cleaning is best, for every other scenario we would use the wet capret cleaning method the so called professional steam cleaning

We also offer Stain Protection, Moth Proofing, Flea Testing, Stain removal

Our customers can benefit from the range of carpet care services that we offer at discounted rates. If you are buying a property where previous owners had pets it is always advisable to perform a flea test. Wool carpets come moth proofed when new, however that treatment wears out and needs to be reapplied annually. We specialise in stain removal too. We can remove almost any stain if it has not been attempted and you get in touch quickly. We would be happy to provide FREE and friendly advice if you decide to test your luck first. Every fibre is different and responds differently to various treatments.

Family run company with values and a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have three fully qualified and insured technicians. On the day of the service, one of our technicians will turn up on time , will carry out a survey and once he is sure that you will benefit from the service, he will start the job. He will advise you about any stains , and what the result may be. 

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Carpet cleaning prices in Fulham and Parsons Green


  Silver Gold Platinum
Up to 12ft x 12ft
£25 £35 £45
Living room
Up to 15ft x 15ft
£30 £40 £50
Up to 4ft x 10ft
£15 £25 £35
Set of Stairs
per set of 12
£25 £35 £45
Up to 4ft x 4ft
£10 £15 £20
Rug from £20 from £30 from £50

  Minimum spend of £50+ VAT apply




Type of service Silver Gold Platinum
Fiber Identification ? ? ?
Pre Treatment ? ? ?
Stain treatment ? ? ?
Moving small furniture ? ? ?
Powerful Steam Cleaning ? ? ?
UV Light Check ? ? ?
Advanced Stain Treatment ? ? ?
Deodorising ? ? ?
Cover shoes provided ? ? ?
Disinfection Treatment ? ? ?
Ph Check ? ? ?
Speed Drying ? ? ?


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