Designing for Elegance and Endurance: Material Must-Haves for Luxury Communal Spaces

7 April 2024

London’s luxury residential buildings have recently gained immense popularity among high-end buyers, and with that, the demand for well-designed and well-maintained communal spaces has increased. As a professional cleaning company with extensive experience in these buildings, we understand the delicate balance between creating a luxurious ambience and ensuring the space withstands the wear and tear of daily use. We’ll share our insights on selecting the best materials for high-traffic areas to keep them looking elegant and pristine with minimal effort and ensure resident satisfaction. Read More »

How to Choose a Comfortable Sofa That Will Last You For Years

19 October 2022

Getting a new sofa is quite an investment, not to mention it’s a piece of furniture you’ll be using for many years. So, if you want to buy a new couch, it’s wise to know how to pick one that is both durable and comfortable. Our 10+ years of experience in cleaning upholstery in London taught us not only how to remove various stains and dirt but also how to recognise a good piece of furniture. So today, we are going to share with you the 7 things you need to check if you want to buy a comfortable sofa to last you for years. Read More »