How to Choose a Comfortable Sofa That Will Last You For Years

Getting a new sofa is quite an investment, not to mention it’s a piece of furniture you’ll be using for many years. So, if you want to buy a new couch, it’s wise to know how to pick one that is both durable and comfortable. Our 10+ years of experience in cleaning upholstery in London taught us not only how to remove various stains and dirt but also how to recognise a good piece of furniture. So today, we are going to share with you the 7 things you need to check if you want to buy a comfortable sofa to last you for years.

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With large families it’s especially important to choose a durable sofa.

What to Consider When Choosing a Sofa

There are many types of couches today, and there’s something for every taste. When choosing a sofa, you should take in mind a lot of factors, including:

  • The size of the room where you’re going to put your couch;
  • Functionality – sleeper sofa, modular, outdoor sofa, recliner etc.;
  • Design and style – you are going to look at it every day, so looks ARE important;

Considering these factors will help you narrow down the type of furniture that fits your needs. So the next step is to ensure the sofa you get is well-built and comfortable. Many people opt for online shopping. However, with a purchase this big, we think going to a store is still the better option. There, you can feel the fabric, see the colours with your own eyes, and even – test your future furniture. And what’s more important, a qualified seller can answer all your questions and help you find the perfect piece for your needs.

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Besides great design, there are 7 things you need to take in mind to get comfortable and durable furniture.

7 Features You Need to Inspect Before Buying Your Sofa

Here’s a short list of everything you need to check to get a comfortable and durable piece of furniture: 

Legs & Frame

The legs should be either integral parts of the sofa frame or fixed with screws or dowels. If the legs are only glued on, then move on – this couch won’t last long. An easy test for solid frame construction is lifting the front corner or leg of the sofa off the floor a few inches. If the other front leg doesn’t rise off the floor at the same moment, that’s a sign the sofa frame is crooked and weak. Avoid any furniture that fails this test.


Although it might not be possible to see how the frame parts are joined together, you can ask the salesperson for this information. Even if they can’t tell you immediately, they will have the technical specifications in their system. You want your sofa frame to be joined with wooden corner blocks, wooden dowels, or metal screws and brackets. Never buy any furniture assembled only with nails, glue and staples. These materials only provide additional reinforcement. However, they cannot hold a sofa on their own, or at least – not for long.

Arm rests

It’s a good sign when the sofa you like has a sturdy frame and is assembled with dowels or corner brackets. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to test the arm rests by leaning on them to ensure they are tight. They shouldn’t move or wobble at all. Avoid any sofa that has wobbly, creaking parts and isn’t rock-solid.


Some couches only use webbing or mesh and don’t have springs. That’s why these are not very expensive, but also – not very durable. Make sure the sofa you want to get has springs, and don’t hesitate to test them. Push the springs through the upholstery. They should be firm and spaced close for good support. They should give much when you sit on the sofa.

Padding and Cushions

Well-padded sofas are more durable. The padding should cover the frame and all the corners. You shouldn’t feel the edges of the structure through the upholstery when you run your hand over it. If the padding is insufficient, the upholstery will wear down quickly. Also, the sofa won’t be very comfortable to use.

Seat cushions should be firm, resilient, and fit tight within the sofa frame. They should quickly regain their shape when you press them down and let go. Suppose a cushion stays put when you press it down. In that case, it will probably be flattened in no time. Sooner than later, it will look unsightly or feel uncomfortable when you sit on it.  


Reclining furnishings are usually more expensive, so you want to check if they function well before paying. If you’re getting a recliner or sleeper sofa, operate the mechanism repeatedly to ensure it runs smoothly. Don’t ignore rough operation or mechanical glitches, as these will only worsen after repeated use in your home.


We have posted a thorough article on choosing the best type of upholstery for your needs. Different fabrics are suitable for various uses, so check our guide to ensure you get upholstery that’s easy to clean and maintain. But other details, besides material, can tell off a durable piece of furniture. The seams should be straight, with no loose threads hanging from the upholstery. If the sofa has any buttons, ensure they are securely sewn on. Loose buttons will quickly come off and get lost.

We hope these tips will help you choose a comfortable sofa you will enjoy for many years.