How to Remove Grease Stains From Upholstery Fabrics

Grease stains can be tricky to remove and they can ruin your valuable sofa if not appropriately treated. So if you spill oily sauce or drop a food bite on the upholstery, it’s crucial to treat the stain with an appropriate cleaning method and product. Only this way can you lift the dirt without damaging the fabric. Cleaner Cleaner’s sofa cleaning experts share how to easily remove grease stains from your furniture.

If you enjoy snacking on your sofa it’s difficult to avoid accidents, so you better be prepared to deal with a grease stain on the upholstery.

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How to Deal With Fresh Grease Stains on Your Sofa

There’s a big difference between cleaning an old and a fresh stain from your sofa. It’s best to deal with spills as soon as they occur – your chances of removing the stain from the upholstery are better before the spot dries. Here is what to do: 

  • Scrape off as many excess liquids or solids as possible using a spoon. Be careful not to push or rub too vigorously because it will force the oil deeper into the sofa and can make the stain larger.
  • Your next move is to absorb the remaining liquid. Sprinkle baking soda generously all over the spot. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes to soak up the grease, and carefully vacuum it from the sofa. You can also use other powders like talc or cornstarch for this step. Remember that both substances are finer and can penetrate deeper into upholstery fibres. So we don’t recommend using them unless you don’t have any baking soda.
  • Next, you should determine the type of stain you’re dealing with. Is it a plain substance like cooking oil or a cooked dish like tomato sauce or gravy? Is it animal fat like butter or vegetable oil like olive oil? Don’t forget that many hair and beauty products also contain oils, so most makeup stains are also greasy. There are different sofa stain removers designed to clean various stains, so make sure to choose the most suitable product for your needs.
  • Whatever you do, please don’t mix different solutions! Combining many cleaning products results in a concoction that is difficult to remove, even for a professional sofa cleaner.
  • After choosing the suitable stain remover for the grease stain on your sofa, use it following the instructions on its label. With some cleaners, the upholstery should be slightly wet. To achieve that, use a spray bottle filled with cold water to make the area damp without oversoaking the sofa. Apply the stain remover to the upholstery and let it do its job. Blot the spot carefully with a clean white towel, but ensure you’re not rubbing it. Keep dabbing lightly until no more dirt is transferred from the sofa to your cloth.
  • Take another clean cloth, dip it in cold water, wring the excess and blot the upholstery gently to rinse the cleaning product.

Dish-washing liquid soap is an option if you don’t have a specialised upholstery stain removal product.

What Product to Use When Removing Grease Stains From the Sofa? 

Nowadays, you can find thousands of cleaning methods and DIY recipes for making your own sofa stain removers on YouTube and TikTok. Some might work, while others are pure clickbait and won’t remove the grease and dirt from the furniture. That is why we recommend researching and choosing a specialised upholstery cleaning product when dealing with grease stains on your sofa. Knowing what type of upholstery you’re dealing with is crucial because some fabrics don’t stand certain ingredients very well. So always check the label on your sofa before choosing a cleaning product for the upholstery.

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However, suppose you don’t have a specialised sofa cleaner at hand. In that case, you can use a few drops of strong liquid dish soap diluted in lukewarm water. Whisk until you have thick suds, and use only the suds to treat the upholstery stain. Still, we recommend using an appropriate product if you have to deal with a grease stain on valuable furniture. And whatever you do, avoid mixing different cleaners because they can set in the dirt and make it impossible to remove the dirt from your sofa.

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Hire professionals for a visible cleaning result!

How to Remove Old Grease Stains

Dealing with old grease stains on your sofa is quite challenging. That is why we think it’s better to book a professional stain removal service. The dirt has already dried and had enough time to bind with the fibres. Depending on the upholstery type, this bond can be quite strong and difficult to break with store-bought sofa cleaners. Also, old, stubborn stains require more time and effort to clean, making people rub the area very hard. So even if they remove the grease stain, they have weakened the fibres and shortened the sofa’s lifespan.

On the other hand, professional sofa cleaners have a ton of specialised cleaners to choose from, each designed to fight different stains on various upholstery materials. Also, every fibre care specialist is taught the best way of using these solutions because having the right product is not always enough. So, before you reach for the stain remover, think again: Is saving a few pounds worth ruining your furniture? Well, it’s your sofa and your choice. However, if you need help, don’t hesitate to call us. You will get a free quote and can book us at a time that best fits your schedule. Combine our stain removal service with a professional upholstery cleaning to get the most out of our skills and knowledge, and you won’t regret it!

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