How to remove greasy, ink and wine carpet stains?

Cleaning Greasy Stains

When the greasy stain is already a fact, it is not necessary to waste time for investigating where the stain came from. Getting nervous about it is also not a good idea. Instead you should take actions for removing it. It is well known that the best means against grease that those that are easily absorbed – talc, chalk, sawdust, farina soaked with gasoline. Pour some amount of one of these means over the stain and cover it with paper. Leave it to stay like this for a couple of hours, but the best will be to leave it for the entire night. On the next day you should use a clean paper to wipe it and gather everything. It is appropriate to clean with a vacuum cleaner after that.

cleaning grease stainsYou should be extremely careful when using farina with gasoline. The negative sides of this carpet cleaning method are the specific smell of gasoline and the danger that it hides for the fibers of the carpet if you use it in larger amount.

That is why you should use just a few drops of the substance. You need to know that the strength of this mixture is not inside the quantity. Do not pour a lot of gasoline no matter how great your desire to clean perfectly is, because you can damage your carpet in such a way – to change the colour of the fibers and to damage their solidity. 

Ink, wine stain removal

carpet wine stain removalThis type of stains, even though they are not greasy is as stubborn as the greasy stains and they require a great deal of effort. Every housewife tries to use chemical means first – we are some kind used to the idea that these preparations are doing miracles. But it is not always like this.

It turns out that the best means for removing the carpet stains of wine and ink is the salt. Pour some amount of salt over the stain so that it covers it completely and leave it like this for a couple of hours. In the end you should clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and you will be surprised what a great absorbing capacity salt has – there will be no sign of the stain.


Shampoo for carpets “Vanish”

vanish carpet cleaning productVersatility and guarantee for excellent results – these are the characteristics that the shampoo for cleaning carpets Vanish has. You can use it always when you want your carpet to shine from being so clean – for your autumn /spring cleaning, when removing stains, even just for refreshing the carpet.  

Note: do not rub hard with the brush after applying the preparation. You will not achieve better result. The only thing that you can achieve is to have pain in the hand due to the physical effort that you have made or you will tear the more delicate fibers. Well, you will have a wonderful smell in the room, but this is not actually the aim, right?! 

As a rule, Vanish is applied as it is recommended in the label instructions. Read them carefully before you take any action and follow the directions: 

1. Before you use the carpet shampoo, you should first clean the visible dirt, dust and debris. You can use the vacuum cleaner or you can beat it on the street.

2. Dissolve the shampoo in water. The ratio should be 1:9, for example 10 ml of Vanish are dissolved in 90 ml of water. Do not use cold water. The best will be if the water is warm, not hot. Around 40°? are enough. You should carefully stir until foam is achieved.

Important! The foam is the cleaning agent. The more you achieve and the thicker it is, the easier you will clean the carpet.

3. Take a big, clean sponge or you can use a brush if it is more convenient for you. Soak it with the foam and apply on the carpet. Spread the preparation equally and try not to wet the fibers a lot, so that you avoid formation of mold. 

4. When the entire carpet is covered with foam, you should take a sponge or a brush and rub it well with circular movements. If there are stains on the carpet it will be better to apply some amount of Vanish concentration (before it is diluted in water) on the affected areas before you apply the foam

You are wondering how Vanish acts? As we have already mentioned, its strength is in the foam. It penetrates deeply into the fibers of the carpet and absorbs dirt and dust.

5. Time for drying. The duration of drying depends on the material of the carpet, how thick it is and the amount of the foam that you have used. It is exactly the reason why we can not tell you how much time the entire drying will take. It could take at least several hours so you should be patient because you need to bring back the carpet on its place when there is no sign of moisture.

carpet cleaning serviceThe specialists from Cleaner Cleaner recommend you not to wait too long so that the carpet does not become damp. If there are no signs that the carpet will not get dry for less than 12 hours, you will have to use a hair dryer, electrical heater or air conditioning and place the carpet somewhere where it could get the heat from these devices. But you should be careful so that you avoid the danger of fire hazard.

6. The carpet is already dry and you are happy that it is perfectly clean. Yes, but it is still not as clean as you may think. There are no stains and dirt of course, but there is a lot of dust accumulated in it while it was getting dry. That is why you should carefully clean it with the vacuum cleaner before you put it back on its place. Such an action also has another purpose – to gather the debris left from the foam of Vanish preparation.

Don’t hesitate to book our carpet cleaning services if you need professional help when it comes to dealing with carpet stains.