Carpet cleaning what should you expect from the service

Carpet cleaning is considered, by many, a magic service that can lift old stains which have been unsuccessfully attempted with various cleaning products, or remove imbedded pet hair from carpets that have not been vacuumed for prolonged periods of times, or eliminate furniture indentation marks from furniture that sat in situ for years.

Hot water extraction , most commonly referred to as carpet steam cleaning is a complex set of tasks, which could be narrowed down to four steps.

  1. Vacuuming the dry soils out
  2. Pre-treatment to break dirt down
  3. Stain removal treatment
  4. Hot water extraction 

*HWE:  solution of hot water and special shampoo are injected under high pressure and sucked back by powerful vacuums to rinse the dissolved dirt.

Is it possible to get rid of all stains? 

Carpet stain removal is seen, by most of the customers enquiring about our services, as guaranteed solution for their stain removal needs. We go to advanced spot and stain removal courses every year to get up to date with new products and techniques, as we want to be able to deliver the best and fully guaranteed service to our customers. When we say fully guaranteed, we do not mean that every single stain will be entirely removed, as this is only possible in fairy tales, what we do guarantee is that we would use the best professional products available on the market and by utilising the best industry approved techniques we will achieve the best result possible. Sometimes this results in a completely stain free carpet, sometimes stains improve significantly, and sometimes they will not change at all. We always try to get as much information as possible beforehand, and often ask for photos, as we want to make sure that there is even little chance of getting the stains out.
Sometimes we can spot other damages, which after we point out, the customers decide to change their carpets, rather than waste their money cleaning carpets that can’t be rescued.

Is professional carpet cleaning going to fix indentation marks?

Carpet cleaning will not remove furniture marks, nor will eliminate flatten surfaces of carpet where there has been significant traffic, so if your main concern is getting rid of furniture indentations marks, it simply won’t happen. Some say it would take as long to spring back as it took for the indentations to form, but in my experience, I have not seen perfect results even after a considerable amount time.

What about removing pet hair from my carpet?

And last but not least pet hair! That lovely pet hair that feels comforting to stroke but when gets stuck between carpet fibres, it attracts more soils and is almost impossible to get out. If you have a furry pet living with you, you need to take good care of your carpets and soft furnishings, otherwise they will start to look tired soon. Most pets spend some time outside and although we should wipe their paws when we bring them back home, we never do, do we? We just say that they look all right, but not only do they bring in soils, they bring a lot more unpleasant things in your property. General soiling is usually easily removed, provided professional clean is organised at least every six months, however if you leave it for couple of years, nobody will be able to help restore the former glory of your expensive carpet and sofas. A professional carpet cleaner would vacuum the carpets using a professional high filtration vacuum cleaner, which has rotating brush, however this alone will not remove pet hair completely. A carpet cleaning technician may then use what we call a carpet rake, to break tension between carpet fibres and hair, but again that won’t do the trick. The only technique that actually works is to use a pumice stone. You may laugh, but if you do have pets and you try this, you will never use anything else. Obviously, a carpet cleaner is not supposed to get on his knees and go over your whole house with a pumice stone, but you can do that every now and again to prevent build-up of hair. The longer you leave your carpets without proper care and maintenance the more challenging it will become to clean and it becomes a restoration job, which as you can imagine will cost a lot more.