8 Cleaning Pet Hair Efficient Solutions At Home

Having a pet is a wonderful experience for the whole family. All the moments of fun and playing with it will guarantee that you will never be bored. And children are so happy! Yes, everything is great, as long as we do not mention the consequences of having four-legged friend at your home – all the troubles that it makes, the cleaning, and the way that everything looks after the dog…

Well, it is not so tragic after all. It is true that there is pet hair everywhere. Everything that your dog or cat has licked, got that specific not so pleasant odour of an animal too. All this could seem “like a song” if your pet still does not have any hygiene habits.

cleaning pet hairActually, we will change our opinion then – it is a tragedy when we talk about cleaning after your pet. So let’s explain you some ideas that would help you in cleaning after your dog or cat. You can calm down before you could decide to get rid of the animal (this is a joke, of course). You will also have a few useful and effective cleaning after pet methods that will make your work easier.

We are going to present you our plan for action that we think leads to the best possible cleaning results. With the help of this plan you will remove all animal contaminations with just one cleaning.

Take your pet outside

If you want to clean everything right, the first thing that you need to remove for a while is your dog or cat. It would be easier to do it without having your barking friend around. You can ask one of your friends to take it out for a walk while you are busy with cleaning.

But it would be difficult with the cat. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have good neighbors that would take care of it for a couple of hours. And when you are finally alone, use your time in a maximum effective way so that you do more quality job. Let’s not forget that our main aim is that everything is perfectly clean in the end.

Sofas, beds, chairs, etc.

Let’s start with upholstery furniture. If you could take them outside or on the terrace, you must do it. Keep in mind that you have to beat them first so that all the debris could fall out. Clean them with a vacuum cleaner so that you are sure that you have maximally collected the hair, fallen from your pet. After that, you should leave the furniture like this, under the sun, so that the odour could also get out. There is a big difference between clean and dirty furniture. Leave the windows of the rooms in the flat open, so that all little particles could go outside.

The furniture also includes those that are used by the dog – its bed, mats and everything it had touched.

cleaning animal fur on sofaClean the animal fur or hair

For sure an ordinary broom and a dust-pan could help you. There is a big difference when you use a special brush and a solving agent as well. You can try with a brush that you usually use for combing your pet’s hair, but do not push too hard so you do not damage the surface of the furniture that you are cleaning. Be gentle and careful.

You can look for special cleaning products of pet’s hair. There are such products which are usually not so expensive, but the results are great. If you could, take off the cover of every furniture that your pet had laid on and wash it. You will then have different odour and different colour of the fibers. It is worth to try it, especially if lots of hair is falling down from your pet’s coat.

Sanitize all the toys

They are also full of microbes, hair, etc. Wash them as good as you can, at high temperature, but you should be careful not to damage them. Instead of putting all the furry toys in the washing machine, you can wash them if you want in a wash basin with suitable product.

Do not use strong chemical products because you can also harm your animal in such a way. A combination of baking soda, water, vinegar, soap, etc. can do a really good job. Just be careful what you mix and the quantity that you use.

Clean your pet’s dishes

Dirt (of any kind) will not pass them as well. The best thing that you could do is to clean them carefully with appropriate products. If there are any damages or they are too dirty that even a dissolving agent can not clean them you need to throw them out.

Keeping good hygiene for feeding is an important part of your pet’s life and besides it will remove any debris left from the food, such an activity will refresh the dishes for future usage. You will be happy that there is no more of this unpleasant odour of old dog’s or cat’s food, and your pet will be happy that his food does not smell like the chicken liver from the other day.

pet toilet cleaningThe toilet

This is perhaps the most annoying thing for every pet’s owner cleaning the toilet. Well, annoying or not, it is inevitable. Will it be better to clean everything else and skip this thing that smells the most and causes the biggest diseases? It is not worth, right?!

It’s time for the floor

We have talked about the cleaning of most of the parts of your house, as well as the dog’s belongings, now it is time to collect everything from the floor. First, you should use a broom and a dust-pan or you can even use your hands so that you collect bigger parts of debris, such as fur or hair balls and similar things. Perhaps you do not want to use the broom, but for sure you do not want to block your vacuum cleaner!

After you have removed bigger debris, you can now use the vacuum cleaner. Take the adaptor for narrow places and clean them as moving the furniture a bit so that you can clean the floor better. The better you clean your home from animal’s hair, etc., the cleaner it will be and it will smell better!

Wood Flooring, Laminate and Carpet

animal fur carpet cleaning

These surfaces are quite important and they you should clean them with special attention. These are actually easy to be cleaned from the animal’s hair, but this does not mean that they are clean. They get dirty from other things too.

Prepare all the cleaning products that you have and use them. You should also clean with an appropriate device, and you can use steam to clean the joints.

Sometimes it’s not possible to clean your carpet very well, so be prepared to call a cleaning companie in order to use their carpet cleaning London service.

If you take maximal care of your animal, there is always a way to bring microbes or parasites in your home. They could even hide in the smallest spot that exists in your home. Do not skip any task if you wish your home to be perfect.

Cleaning your home if you have a pet is definitely hard and responsible task. And if you have a cat or a dog you should clean it more often than you do it if you do not have a pet. This of course should not be a reason that will make you give up the idea of having a four-legged friend. There is another solution.

When you are tired of the constant cleaning, you can call Cleaner Cleaner with our End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service. We will clean your home professionally and you can have fun with your pet instead of looking for someone to take care of it. That’s a good plan, right? J