What Are the Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair Off of Furniture and Carpets                         

As much as we love our four-legged friends, most of us hate removing the endless supply of pet hair stuck on the carpets and furniture. However, this is part of the deal – if you want to enjoy unconditional love and companionship, you have to accept that your furry friend sheds, and it is your responsibility to clean after them. Our cleaners often face the same problem when on the job, so we’ve gathered a list of tricks to remove pet hair from the furniture and carpets over the years. So, if you want to get fur-free furnishings and a clean home, this article is just for you!

cleaning pet hair

Reduce the Pet Hair Onto Furnishings

Of course, the best tactic to deal with pet hair in your home is prevention. The less fur on carpets and furnishings, the easier to clean them, right? So, step one to reducing pet hair is regularly grooming your four-legged friend. And it‘s not only a chore but also a wonderful way to bond with your furry pet. You can find a range of pet brushes and gloves for various breeds and types of fur in your local pet store. Another way to prevent hairs from sticking to furniture is placing a furniture cover or a blanket on the favourite napping spot of your pet. After all, it’s easier to clean a piece of fabric than the whole sofa, right? Also, a lot of people forget to clean their pet beds. These cushion-like furnishings are usually made from synthetic materials and collect tons of hair that starts floating around the house and eventually end onto your furniture and carpets.

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Tumble Dryer

Your dryer provides a great way to remove pet hair from removable furniture covers and bedding. You need to run it through the tumble dryer for a couple of minutes on the cold setting. The movement of the drum helps loosen a lot of the fur and pulls it from the filter. Don’t forget to clean the filter right after removing the items because there will be a lot of pet hair there. Also, you can add a dryer sheet to the load because it helps reduce static and prevent fur from sticking to the textile.

cleaning animal fur

Window Squeegee

Getting rid of pet hair embedded deep within the carpet or upholstery fibres is quite tricky, and vacuuming might not help too much. You’ll first need to somehow pull all the fur from your furnishings and make it without damaging the fibres. Over the years, we have found out that a simple window-cleaning squeegee works wonders when used to remove pet hair. Run the rubber edge of the tool over the area you want to clean. The fur adheres to the material, making it easy to pull it off your furniture or carpet.

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Nitrile or Rubber Gloves

You’ve probably already got a pair of rubber or nitrile gloves at your home to protect your hands when working with some heavy-duty chemical cleaners. And they are one of the best tools to remove pet hair from your upholstery. So put on your pair of cleaning gloves and run your hands over the upholstery. Start from the top of the furniture and go in the same direction. Otherwise, you will smear the collected hair all over. As you scrape the pet hair off the fabric with your hands, it will adhere to the gloves. You will notice all the pet hair will collect in small clumps that come off easily, and you can vacuum them or remove them with your hands. 

Silicone Pet Hair Brush

Years ago, getting rid of dog and cat hair was a nightmare because there weren’t any specialised tools available. Luckily, nowadays, you can find a lot of different gadgets that are effective and inexpensive. One of the most efficient ones we like is the rubber pet hair removal brush. It looks like a regular hairbrush, but instead of solid plastic, metal or wood bristles, it has soft rubber ones that bend in all directions. Take the tool and run it over your upholstery or carpet; always go in one direction. You will soon notice the fur adheres to the bristles, and then it is easy to remove it with your hands.

Use Proper Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

Most people try removing pet hair from their sofas and carpets with their vacuum but don’t use the proper attachment and fail miserably. As you can see, many of the methods suggested so far help collect the fur into small manageable clumps. However, if you use the regular floor cleaning attachment, all you will do is smear the pet hair all over your furniture and carpets. To tackle the task fast and easy, you will need the hose attachment – because of the narrow opening, the suction is more powerful, and it will pull off all the clumps more efficiently than the regular attachment. Also, some manufacturers offer pet hair removal attachments designed to make the chore faster and easier. They usually have some rubber or silicone bristle that helps collect fur from textiles, the same way the squeegee or pet hair removal brushes work.

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Metal Lint Remover

Some breeds of cats and dogs have very short and firm fur penetrating the carpet fibre so deep it’s almost impossible to remove without the proper tool. Luckily, metal lint removers are very effective in doing exactly that. We love these tools because they are inexpensive and durable; their copper blades don’t rust and pull out the pet hair from the carpet in seconds! However, take in mind that metal lint shavers work best for low pile carpets and rugs. If you use them on looped rugs, high piled carpets or woven rugs and upholstery, they can pull out fibres and tear them, ruining the furnishings.

Pumice Stone

If there’s a spot on your carpet where your cat or dog loves to nap, it’s probably caked in pet hair. When that fur is matted so hard it’s impossible to pull out with another tool, try running a pumice stone over the place. The texture of pumice helps lift the pet hair out of your carpet’s loops. Pumice stone works wonders for removing pet hair from your car’s interior, too. Some stones are designed especially for pet hair removal; however, a generic one will do the same job for a fraction of the price.

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Anti-Static Spray

If you want to remove pet hair from wooden furniture like desks, dining tables, and chairs, use an anti-static cleaning spray and a soft piece of cloth. You will see that the product helps keep all the stuck to the cloth, rather than reattaching onto the surface. The method allows you to wipe large wooden furniture with just a few strokes. You can also spray the anti-static product onto carpets and furniture before vacuuming to prevent the pet hair from sticking back into the fibres.

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