Things you can do to keep your carpets clean

Most of the carpets nowadays are designed in such a way so that they could provide the customers an easier way for maintaining and cleaning them, having longer life for indoor use at the same time. Carpets make the room environment more comfortable and much warmer, they are convenient for giving this special soft feeling to your tired legs, children can play, sitting on them without feeling the cold from the floor covering, and most of all, carpets are a huge air filter, making the trapped particles and dust easy to be vacuumed.

carpet cleaning wimbledonOf course the most important thing  is to book regularly carpet cleaning performed by professional cleaners, if you want to have a carpet that would last longer and you want to feel comfortable in a clean home, free of dust and debris. If you neglect this important issue, if you just postpone it day after day, then your carpet’s appearance would suffer, as well as its life cycle would be shortened, and in a long run this might cost you more.

The main sources of dirt and how to reduce it

The main source of dirt that gets on the carpet after some time is the amount of soiling, which enters at your home and this amount depends of the style and mode of living. If you have a bigger family with children, and especially pets, then you can not avoid every day carpet cleaning, because there could be a lot of soiling and dust that would be brought inside by your family members.

garage floor cleaningThere are houses with a garage that is connected to the house and especially during winter time, people use the entrance to the house from the garage. So you should not forget cleaning, sweeping and washing the garage floor every month or two, in order to reduce the dirt that is entering your house.

Another good tip for reducing the dirt coming from outside is to place a few pieces of old carpet that you have cut to two or four, placing them on the sides of the car, where people usually open their doors to step outside. In such a way most of the dirt on the shoes would be left there, on these pieces of carpet, before entering the house. So this could be your first line of the defense and even though so simple it is quite effective.

When you step into the house it is good to also have a small rug in front of the entrance door, and usually people place long runners in the hallway. The main purpose for having those runners and rugs is to capture the most possible amount of moisture and dirt from your shoes before entering into the living areas of your home. That is why you should clean those runners and rugs more often than the carpets inside the rooms.

Teach Your Family Members To Keep Clean

There is another simple idea. You should teach the members of your family, as well as your guests, that you do not want them to enter into the house with their shoes but put slippers instead. In order to do that you should always have a couple of spare slippers in the hall, and you should place a small bench, a chair or stool that would make it easier for the person to feel comfortable when changing his shoes instead of bending and loosing balance.


The mat that you are going to choose is according to your preferences. There are some professional mats available for capturing the soil and the dirt before entering the house. There are some with not so good quality. But according to the experience that we have, it is better to have even such a piece of carpet in front of your front door than nothing. And these small mats are easy to be cleaned, just take them outside, beat them a few times so that dirt gets off them and wash them with a laundry detergent that you usually use for cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning with Vacuuming

The carpets inside the house are easily cleaned using vacuuming. Eight percent of the dirt that is stuck into the carpets is dry and twenty present is wet. And using vacuuming would reduce most of the dirt on it, because vacuum cleaners are designed to remove all the dry soil and debris.

It is important to vacuum your carpet frequently, every day if possible, because it does not get a lot of time, but five to ten minutes, and at the same time you do not allow the dirt and the dust to get deeply into the carpet so that cleaning it then would be more difficult then and it would take more time.

You should also reduce eating and drinking somewhere else in the house but on the kitchen table. And if there is a spill or spot on the carpet you should immediately clean it. And if you do not know how you should clean it, you can rely on our carpet cleaning services.

In Conclusion

So as final thoughts – the best is to leave your outside shoes in the hall, so you should put some effort in teaching your husbands and children to remove their shoes before entering the house. You should use the vacuum cleaner regularly and the best thing that you could do for your carpets is to use professional cleaning services on a regular basis so that you can feel good and satisfied with the cleanness in your home.