Ammonia Carpet Cleaning Solution

When you see the symbol NH3 you may not recognize it, but when you hear that this is the chemical name of ammonia, then you know that the subject is cleaning. That’s absolutely normal, because ammonia is quite popular cleaning agent. Ammonia Carpet Cleaning Solution is a very good decision for commercial and domestic cleaning. Ammonia is very good for cleaning the households as well.

The reason for using it so much is that it is good for cleaning different areas in the house. It is successfully used for cleaning the rooms, as well as the carpet in the bathroom and the toilet. And now you may be a little surprised that it can be used for your carpet.

So if you decide using it, this could save you some money, because it is a good alternative of the products used for commercial carpet cleaning in London. You will have great results removing all the dirt from the carpet and this is done for a cheap price.

ammonia carpet cleaning solutionIn order to use it for cleaning the carpet, you need to make a solution that includes ammonia. You can just take a teaspoon of the product, add a cup of warm water and then you have a liquid product that is your instrument for removing any types of dirt and stains on the carpet.

It is easy to use it because you just need to spray on the area that you want to be cleaned and after some time, a few minutes to soak into the fiber, you can take paper towels and blot the area.

Professional Cleaning Products Vs Ammonia

The best thing about this carpet cleaning solution is that it has a couple of nice advantages. The one that you might like a lot is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for different and expensive professional carpet cleaning products.

You can have the same results with ammonia, spending just little money instead of buying commonly industrial cleaning products for your carpet that will have an effect on you pocket. And it is not only the financial aspect! Ammonia carpet cleaning solution will also deodorize and neutralize the unpleasant smell of your carpet. This is especially helpful when you have pets and you need to deal with urine carpet stains and similar marks.

When you decide to try it for yourself you will soon be happy with the good result that it has. And when you see the excellent result while at the same time this product is so affordable and accessible, you would prefer using it instead of the expensive commercial products for cleaning that you used to buy.

How to clean with ammonia carpet cleaning solution?

When you have a couple of nasty marks on your carpet this could affect the whole appearance not only of the carpet but the entire room. It will look dirty and not so pleasant to be in it. There are of course various of commercial carpeting cleaning products, but most of them are quite expensive and even thought they are available for purchase on the market, you would prefer to have a better and not so costly solution.

This is where you have ammonia and vinegar. These two items are commonly used household items and they are not expensive at all. So you have the instrument that you need for cleaning the nasty stains.

carpet cleaning with ammonia 

But there are a few steps that you need to follow

  • First, use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the big debris and particles from the carpet.vaccuum clean your carpet
  • Second – make the solution using one cup of ammonia and ½ gallon of warm water. Mix them in a bucket, using a spoon for mixing it.
  • Third is to use a sponge to dampen it in the mixture. Also take the excess liquid out of the sponge before using it.
  • Four- now you can blot the stains with the help of the sponge. You need to start from the edge of the stain. Blot it and slowly move, blotting the stain step by step towards the centre.
  • Six – now you need to let the carpet dry. If it is necessary when the stain is still visible you can repeat the procedure. You can see what the steps are if you use vinegar for the cleaning process. First of course is to remove all debris and big particles with the vacuum cleaner.

The second step is to make the mixture which is: ½ cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of table salt. You need to mix that in a small container. Then with the help of a sponge you can gently rub the mixture on the carpet and let it dry completely. And when the carpet is dry, you can vacuum the residues from the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning at Home With Ammonia and Vinegar

ammonia and vinegar carpet cleaningThere is a variant for cleaning the carpet stains using both ingredients – ammonia and vinegar.
You start with vacuuming the carpet from all type of dirt and debris. You should prepare two solutions – one part of vinegar and five parts of warm water that are poured into a spray bottle. The second contains five parts of warm water and one part of ammonia.

Your next step is to dampen the stain on the carpet with the vinegar mixture. Then wait for three-four minutes to soak. After that you need to remove the excess liquid with the help of a clean cloth. After that you repeat the same procedure, but with the ammonia mixture. Dampen the stain and blot it with a clean cloth after some time. You can repeat the steps while the stain is no longer visible.

Stubborn carpet stains

Sometimes there are stains that are really quite stubborn. If you have tried the mixtures, that we have offered you so far, and it still does not come out, there is one addition variant that you may try. It works especially for such old and impossible for cleaning carpet stains.

What you need for the solution is: ammonia, hot water, spray bottle, steam iron and white towels.

The first step is to mix one part of ammonia to one part of hot water. The minimum quantity is to coat the whole stain at least once, but it is better if you prepare more. Pour the ready mixture into the spray bottle and spray it all over the stain. Be sure to completely cover it with the mixture.

Now you need to place the white towel over the stain and iron it with the steam iron. After some time you will see the dirt getting on the towel, so you need to change it. Keep on spraying and ironing until you clean the stain entirely. When you are ready you can sit and rest. Enjoy the great result of the vinegar and ammonia carpet cleaning solution!

Do you prefer a professional carpet cleaning company?

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