9 Things You Need to Know About Stain Protection for Carpets and Upholstery

Remember that feeling of walking on a brand-new carpet or sinking into a plush sofa for the first time? Unfortunately, accidents happen, and spills can quickly turn that pristine surface into a stained nightmare. In the past, most carpets and upholstered furniture came pre-treated with stain protection from the manufacturer. However, that’s not the case these days.

Our years of experience as certified stain removal experts taught us that, ironically, most accidents happen within the first month of owning a new carpet or sofa. Why take the risk of a permanent stain on your brand-new investment? You wouldn’t hesitate to put a case and screen protector on your new phone – why wouldn’t you extend the same protection to your expensive carpets and furniture? After all, there’s a treatment that provides an affordable way to safeguard your valuable carpets and upholstery.

At Cleaner Cleaner, we’re proud to offer professional stain protection services alongside our deep cleaning. But before you book, let’s explore some fundamental questions about stain protection:

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Does Stain Protection Affect Cleaning?

One common concern is whether stain protection makes it harder to deep clean carpets and upholstery. The answer is no! Certified fibre care specialists like Cleaner Cleaner use high-powered alkaline detergents that effectively break down the bond holding the stain protection to the textile. If anything, stain protection allows faster and safer deep cleaning as the grime does not get into the fibres but sticks to the protective coating.

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When applied correctly, stain protection coating effectively repels liquid stains and prevents dirt from adhering to the fibres.

How Stain Protection Works?

Stain protection treatments work in several ways:

Coating the fibres: The product creates a barrier that makes it difficult for particles to stick to the fibres.

Blocking pores: The treatment fills in tiny cracks and pores in the fibres, preventing the absorption of liquids and dirt.

Easier stain removal: The repellent coating allows spills to bead on the surface, making them easier to blot up and remove before they set in. This also helps prevent dirt from embedding in the fibres, making vacuuming more effective.  

Stain protection can significantly extend the lifespan of carpets and upholstery by preventing dirt and debris from accumulating deep down.

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When you get anti-stain treatment for your new furnishings you are protecting your investment. Image by freepik

Types of Stain Repellent Products

Two main types of stain protection products are used for carpets and upholstery: water- and solvent-based. The best type for your furnishings depends on the material:

Water-based: This is the most common type and is generally applied after a professional cleaning or to brand-new furniture and carpets. As the name implies, it’s suitable for water-cleanable fabrics only. It’s typically spread with a hand sprayer and may wear off faster than solvent-based options.

Solvent-based: This coating is highly recommended for newly installed carpets and upholstery and is especially suitable for delicate fabrics. Solvent-based stain protection coating can be applied to all fibres and fabrics as long as they are dry.

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Which Type of Stain Protection Works Better?

Both types of stain protection create a protective barrier around the fibres, repelling water- and oil-based stains and dirt.

  • Water-based: More versatile and can be used on most fabrics, including right after hot water extraction cleaning when carpets and upholstery are still slightly damp.
  • Solvent-based: Ideal for brand-new carpets and upholstery, dry textile surfaces, and delicate fabrics like viscose and bamboo silk. It’s also a good choice for highly absorbent fabrics like linen and cotton.

We always test an inconspicuous area before applying any stain protection product, especially on moisture-sensitive fabrics. This check-up helps us determine whether a water — or solvent-based product is best for the material.

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The stain-repellent coating we apply effectively protects almost all types of fibres.

Is Stain Protection Treatment Suitable for All Types of Fabrics?

Most carpets and upholstery fabrics respond well to the high-quality stain protection products we use at Cleaner Cleaner. Our stain repellent is effective on a wide variety of materials, including delicate, luxurious, and high-maintenance carpets and upholstery:

  • Polypropylene (without stain protection, oil and grease stains are nearly impossible to remove from polypropylene)
  • Acrylics
  • White wool rugs 
  • Oriental rugs (may require a bit more careful application)
  • Non-colourfast fabrics (we recommend doing a test first)

Stain protection coating is suitable for various fibres used in carpets and upholstery, except for some dry-clean-only textiles. If you are unsure about the type of materials used in your furnishings or you see a “dry clean only” label, contact our certified fabric care specialists for advice. We can recommend the most appropriate cleaning and protective products for your carpets and furniture.

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Getting a stain protection treatment for your new mattress will keep it in a good shape for years to come.

This Treatment Isn’t Meant Only for Carpets and Sofas

People most often get a stain-repellent coating for their carpets and soft furniture. However, in our experience, this treatment benefits all textile items used daily or placed in high-traffic areas. In addition to carpets and sofas, the protective coating helps maintain all types of furnishings. Stain protection treatment effectively extends the lifespan of area rugs, upholstered headboards, mattresses, and fabric dining chairs by keeping them hygienic and stain-free.

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Stain protection treatment should last until you schedule your next deep cleaning appointment.

How Long Does Stain Protection Last?

The stain protection applied after cleaning or to new furnishings can last 1-2 years, depending on foot traffic and how often the carpet or upholstery is deep cleaned. We highly recommend reapplying stain protection after every deep clean, ideally at least once a year. High-traffic areas, family rooms, and homes with pets may benefit from more frequent reapplication, perhaps every six months. Regular vacuuming also helps extend the life of the stain protection by removing abrasive dirt particles that can wear down the coating. It’s important to note that stain protection must be reapplied after every professional cleaning, even on carpets and fabrics pre-treated from the factory.

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When you have stain protection coating on your furnishings and spill something, it is enough to gently blot out the dirt with a paper towel. Image by freepik

Can Stains Still Penetrate the Barrier?

When applied correctly and regularly, the stain protection products we use create a virtually impenetrable barrier. Spills will simply bead up on the surface of the fabric. After that, all you need to do is to grab a clean cloth or paper towel and soak the spilled dirt.

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We can do the stain protection treatment separately or as a part of our deep upholstery and carpet cleaning services

How Do You Apply the Stain Repellent Coating?

At Cleaner Cleaner, we have a meticulous application process to ensure complete coverage:

Step 1: Fine Mist Spray: We use a specialised sprayer to apply the product in a fine mist, coating all sides of the fibres.

Step 2: Multi-directional Application: We apply the protector in four directions to ensure even coverage.

Step 3: Brushing and Smoothing: We gently brush or use a glove to distribute the product evenly across the surface.

The stain protection products we work with can be used in homes with small children and pets.

Are Stain Protection Products Safe?

We get this question a lot, which is understandable given the bad rap Scotchguard got in the late 90s. In 1999, 3M released data about chemicals in their product Scotchgard. PFOA and PFOS were found in the environment and can’t decompose in nature. High dosages caused cancer and death in lab rats, while lower doses resulted in developmental problems in humans and animals. In 2000, 3M discontinued Scotchgard production and created a new formula containing PFBS, which is considered not toxic by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

However, we use Alltec stain protectors, a trusted U.K. brand known for its safety and effectiveness. When dry, their water- and solvent-based products are non-toxic and safe for pets and children. The products are biodegradable and not identified as a PBT/vPvB substance.

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Gain a Peace of Mind with Stain Protection

Stain protection is an investment that goes a long way in protecting your carpets and upholstery. Many companies offer this service, but the key is finding one that uses the right products and applies them correctly.

Here at Cleaner Cleaner, we understand the importance of protecting your investment. We recommend keeping the care tag or label for your furniture and carpets so we can determine the best treatment for your specific needs.

We’ve tested various brands and chosen Alltec for its effectiveness and safety. Their stain protectors work for almost all carpets and upholstery, subject to professional testing, offering long-lasting protection until your next professional cleaning.

And here’s an extra perk: if you’ve used our stain protection service and experienced a stain, we’ll offer a 50% discount on stain removal!

So, if you want to protect your furnishings, don’t hesitate to contact us today and book our stain protection service.