How to Secure Your Deposit Return with End of Tenancy Cleaning

As seasoned cleaning professionals in London, we’ve witnessed countless tenants breathe a sigh of relief after they book our end of tenancy cleaning service. They often believe that’s the final hurdle to reclaiming their full tenancy deposit. Lack of sufficient hygiene at the end of tenancy remains a leading cause of deposit deductions in the UK, so professional cleaning is a wise investment. But while booking a professional clean is a fantastic first step, a successful tenancy handover also requires a collaborative effort between you and your cleaners.

Here’s why a “set it and forget it” approach might not be the best strategy. Here are some key actions you can take to maximise your chances of getting that deposit back in full.

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Make sure to remove all your belongings before the end of tenancy cleaning.

Moving Out Completely is Essential

This might seem obvious, but the property must be entirely empty before the cleaners arrive. The team is there to tackle grime and dust, not mountains of boxes and furniture. A clear space allows for a thorough clean, reaching every nook and cranny for a flawless finish.  Schedule your cleaning after your move-out is complete to ensure smooth and efficient service.

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Donating to charity or selling on Facebook market place are a great ways to declutter your home when moving out.

Declutter and Dispose of Unwanted Items

While we’re happy to tackle a standard amount of rubbish generated during the cleaning process, excessive waste disposal is typically excluded from most end-of-tenancy cleaning services (be sure to check your specific service agreement with Cleaner Cleaner or any other cleaning company for that matter). Also, it’s worth reading the detailed end of tenancy cleaning checklist if the company you’ve chosen has it posted on its website.

Clear out unwanted belongings and dispose of them responsibly before the cleaning team arrives to avoid unpleasant surprises. That includes general waste, your old furniture that you won’t need anymore, and any lingering recycling. By taking care of this beforehand, you’ll save yourself time and potential extra charges.

Remember the exact requirements of your landlord before requesting end of lease cleaning service.

Understanding Your Letting Agents and Landlord’s Expectations

Every letting agent and landlord has specific standards for cleanliness. While a professional end of lease clean will undoubtedly elevate the property’s condition, it’s always wise to refer back to your tenancy agreement or consult with your landlord to understand their specific expectations. Their requirements could include details like carpet cleaning or deep sofa cleaning.   

Knowing your landlord’s requirements allows you to discuss any specific needs with your cleaners beforehand, ensuring the service perfectly aligns with both your and your landlord’s expectations.

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Sometimes, a coat of fresh paint is way better than scrubbing shabby doors.

A Deep Clean Doesn’t Erase Damage, Wear & Tear

Our cleaning expertise works wonders, but it can’t undo pre-existing damage. Scuffs on the walls, holes in the doors, or malfunctioning appliances are considered tenant liabilities and will likely result in deductions from your deposit.  

Address any damages before the end of tenancy cleaning takes place. Minor repairs, like patching small holes or touching up paintwork, are relatively cheap and will significantly improve your chances of a full deposit return.

Get familiar with the terms and conditions of your cleaning company.

Read the Fine Print: Understanding the Cleaning Service Agreement

It is crucial to take a few minutes to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your chosen cleaning service. This document outlines the specific inclusions and exclusions of the service you’ve booked. Knowing what’s covered prevents any misunderstandings and ensures you’re prepared for the cleaning day.  

At Cleaner Cleaner, our terms and conditions are readily available on our website. We encourage you to get familiar with these details to ensure a smooth and successful cleaning.

Lower rates can translate to unprofessional service or hidden costs, so it’s better to hire cleaners with transparent pricing.

Choosing Value Over Price

While cost is a factor, there are better strategies than prioritising the cheapest cleaning service. A reputable company that uses high-quality cleaning products and employs experienced cleaners will likely deliver a more thorough and professional clean, significantly increasing your chances of a flawless inspection.

Here at Cleaner Cleaner, we offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Our extensive experience in end of lease cleaning ensures we deliver a service that meets the highest standards, maximising your chances of getting your deposit back in full.

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Provide detailed information when requesting a quote. The person handling your booking is there to answer all your questions.

The Power of Communication: Working with Your Cleaners

Open communication is key to every successful cleaning. Once you’ve enquired about an end of lease cleaning service with Cleaner Cleaner, you’re usually assigned a dedicated account manager. Here’s how to get the most out of this valuable resource:

  • Be specific: During the booking process, highlight areas requiring particular attention, such as stubborn stains or heavily used appliances.
  • Open communication is vital: Don’t hesitate to ask questions! The account managers handling your booking are there to guide you through the process and address any concerns you might have.
  • Double-check the details: Review the confirmation email containing the date, time, and service details to ensure everything is understood.
  • Allow easy access: Ensure the property is accessible to the cleaning team on the scheduled date. This step may involve arranging key collection or informing any building security personnel.
  • Be there: although you don’t need to stay there while the cleaners do their magic, being present on the cleaning day benefits everybody! A quick walkthrough of the property with you allows the cleaners to understand any specific concerns you might have and tailor their approach accordingly.

Plan the cleaning service ahead of time to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Maximising the End of Tenancy Cleaning’s Efficiency

Every trustworthy end of tenancy cleaning company ensures a comprehensive standard of service. However, there are additional steps you can take to enhance the clean further and impress your landlord:

  • Schedule your move out clean wisely: Don’t leave it to the last minute! Book your end-of-tenancy clean well in advance, especially during peak moving seasons. This step allows for ample planning and ensures our team’s availability on your preferred date
  • Don’t underestimate the deep cleaning job: Consider requesting carpet, sofa, or mattress cleaning as add-on services. These areas often require specialised equipment and expertise; our experienced cleaners can ensure a professional finish.
  • Empty and defrost appliances: Empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer before the cleaners arrive. This step allows them to thoroughly clean these appliances, ensuring they’re fresh and ready for the new tenants.

Take high-quality photos from outside and inside of the property to use in case of disputes.

Pro Tips for the Inspection Day

There are a few things you can do to ensure a hassle-free final inspection: 

  • Leave the property spotless: Avoid tracking in dirt or mud once the cleaning is complete. The goal is to present the property in the same impeccably clean state the cleaners left it in.
  • Document the results: Consider taking high-quality photos of the cleaned property after the cleaners have finished. Capture images of each room, focusing on critical areas like the kitchen and bathroom. These photos can be helpful in case of any disputes regarding the cleaning standard during the final inspection.
  • Setting the final inspection: Arrange the final inspection as soon as possible after the professional cleaning service. This will guarantee that the property will look impeccable, with no new piled-up dust.

When it comes to the final inspection of the property, the truth is that all comes to human judgment. Some inventory clerk? are stricter than others, and the whole experience can be nerve-wracking – what if there are omissions? At Cleaner Cleaner, we understand the worry. That’s why we offer the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee in London. If you have booked an end-of-tenancy cleaning with us and your inventory clerk identifies any areas that need attention, we’ve got you covered! We’ll happily return and reclean them, free of charge, for a whole seven days after your initial cleaning. Most competitors only offer a 72-hour window, leaving you scrambling if an issue arises later. With our extended clean guarantee, you choose peace of mind.

Book end of tenancy cleaning in London with us and enjoy impeccable results and a hassle-free experience!

Ready to Secure Your Deposit and Move with Confidence?

Don’t settle for just “any” end of tenancy cleaning service in London. At Cleaner Cleaner, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional cleaning services tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s discuss how we can help you achieve a stress-free end of tenancy experience. 

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