End of tenancy cleaning – what do you get for your money

It has been a crazy summer, the demand for end of tenancy cleaning services has been sky high. We have been getting up to 100 requests for end of tenancy cleaning quotes every day which has put us under immense pressure.

Throughout the summer several customers expressed their concerns about the price they paid after service was carried out. All concerns were of the same kind, but I will tell you about one of them.

Customer submitted an online form for an end of tenancy and carpet cleaning quotation. We have asked him about every single detail, and based on his replies we have provided him with a price quotation. On the day, one of our cleaners arrived sharp at 08:30, had a look around to make sure it was all as described , and started the cleaning process. Couple of hours later one of our carpet cleaning technicians came round to steam clean carpets in the property.

When we have contacted the customer to inform him that service was about to be finished  as per his request, and asked him to head back to property to inspect and pay, he erupted like a volcano : how dare you finished so quickly, I am not paying over £200 for 4 hours for a cleaner.

I kindly waited until he vented all pressure he had accumulated over the moving house process, and asked him for couple of minutes of his valuable time. He wasn’t expecting such a response and let me speak. I said to him that I will quickly breakdown the price for him and if he still feels that this is ridiculous I will personally refund him the money . So I started :We pay rent for our office, we pay business rates, we pay wages for our customer service admins, we pay wages to our manager (myself) we pay wages to our account department, we pay fees to the bank for receiving payments, we pay Dropbox business to store photos taken before and after cleans,we use business internet, we use and pay for business phones, we use and pay for electricity and water, we pay for vans and diesel, we pay for cleaning products- the best and most efficient cleaning products, we pay for regular training at organisations like NCCA, IICRC, we pay membership fees for quite a few professional organisations, we pay Business insurance for our vans, we pay business public liability insurance, we pay for advertising and marketing, we pay hosting for our website, we pay IT guys for maintenance of our website, we pay Tax, and last but not least we pay our cleaners to come and clean your property. These professionals get paid very good money for what they do, and they fully deserve the money they get paid!

He was quiet for 15 seconds, then he said -Wow, I never thought how many people and processes were involved in an end of tenancy cleaninig, I was only thinking about the amount of time it took to clean the flat and when I divided it by the amount I paid it looked like a lot of money.

Since then, he had his inventory checkout done, and clerk complimented the standard of cleaning , the customer has recommended us to a lot of his friends

So when a cleaner turns up at your property for a clean, you get much more than a cleaner, you get a full service that involves a lot for tasks and processes , and what should matter to a customer is whether they have had a good service and not how many people turned up.