What you should know about cleaning upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is the part of the interior that gives a complete touch of the room when you enter inside it and take a look around. And it can not be the other way! Have you ever seen a house without any armchairs, chairs, sofas? No, of course, it is something that it goes without saying, just the same way that we understand that maintaining and cleaning upholstered furniture is mandatory.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture?

cleaning upholstered furnitureYes, we have started talking about upholstery cleaning in London, and for sure your mood has spoiled. And you do not want to hear at all about cleaning upholstered furniture. But there is no other way! Washing your furniture is a condition that is a must and besides that, people usually have the desire to keep the pleasant and attractive look of their home.

So even the minimal, but regular cleaning care will significantly improve the condition of the furniture, it will turn their shine back, and it will provide you the feeling of having clean, beautiful and harmonious home – just the way you want to see it forever.

Cleaning of the upholstered furniture is rarely done by the owners, because as we know this is not an easy task at all. It is more often when people are looking for the services of professional cleaning company. And it is not so strange that they do so.

In our company, Cleaner Cleaner, we have a professional upholstery cleaning team that is specially trained for this purpose. Our  cleaners know which upholstery cleaner products exactly to use in the different situations and they have a modern cleaning equipment. And this is only a part of the prerequisites for having a perfect cleaning of your furniture that we can guarantee to you. For receiving better information about our upholstery cleaning service, as well for having the possibility to ask all the questions that you may have, you can directly call us or send us an inquiry.

So we have already entered into this topic and we can at least discuss it in details and from professionals’ point of view, like the one we have in Cleaner Cleaner, we can explain you exactly what you can expect, what you should do, and if you decide, you can clean your upholstered furniture on your own.

Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Clean and Well Maintained

It all starts with prevention. If you do not want to wash your furniture with hours or to spend a lot of time and effort for every single spot, then the most logical thing is that you have minimized the stains as much as you could. In such a way the washing will be more with the aim to refresh and keep the strength of the fibers, but not as a basic upholstery cleaning. But how will you achieve such a result when furniture will not need lots of rubbing?

  • One of the biggest mistakes that people do is to eat on the upholstered furniture. So, there is no doubt that you feel comfortable there, but why do you have a table and chairs then?! Use your furniture according to the purpose they are designed for and you will not have the risk of appearing of stains. So spilling something or having some olive oil on the table will not be a problem. But the situation is much different when you get such a stain on the sofa – then you will have to wash it without a doubt with a dedicated leather or fabric sofa cleaner.
  • For those of you who are absolutely sure that there is no way to give up eating on the upholstered furniture, we can only advice them to be extra careful with every bite and every sip. It would be useful if you forbid using certain food and drinks, for which you know that they leave stubborn stains. Do not sit on the sofa if you are going to eat things like ketchup, mustard, other type of sauces, chocolate, red wine… Although such a method is not 100% sure to be absolutely effective (and there is no way that it could be), but at least it provides results in a long term period.
  • Do not allow your pets to climb and lay on the upholstered furniture. Once you do it, then it becomes like a habit to them and then you can not do anything but reconcile with the traces left from their teeth or nails over the upholstery. And this leads to another problem. Once the furniture covers are torn, this means that even the slightest contamination will enter without a problem from these spots and will go deeper into the fibers. And cleaning it after that would be a mission impossible.
  • A practice that would lead to positive results is the regular microcleaning. It is called micro because it mainly consists of collecting the dust from the upholstery. It does not really matter if you are going to use the vacuum cleaner or a cloth for this purpose – the important thing here is the final result, and for sure it will improve the state and the entire look of your furniture. It will also provide longer life for your furniture.

Washing the Upholstered Furniture

washing the upholstered furniture

So let’s talk about the main accent in this article – cleaning upholstered furniture. If you want to achieve an effect from doing it, you should do it at least once a year. You will not regret if you do it more often than the required minimum, then your upholstery will look much better. And as we already know for a fact, cleaner furniture means that they could be used for longer period and at the same time they will provide much greater comfort for their owners.

The washing is usually made with products, specially designed for it. You should be careful and read the labels and the instructions of the product that you intend to use until the end.

There is no universal methodology for the upholstery cleaning at home, the products are different for the different method of cleanin. And one of the methods could be dry upholstery cleaning. Yes, the main thing here is that you damp the fiber first, after that you apply the chemical agent and in the end it has to be thoroughly rinsed. But it is just the rough explanation. For sure there are specific characteristics that you need to learn when you read about the “way the product should be used”.

Even if you feel that you can entirely trust the label of the product that you want to use, you should not be so trustful. You should always try it to clean a small stain on the furniture and see the effect that it has. In such a way you will have the time to react if it turns out that this specific product is not the right one for your furniture.

And about the quantity of the product that is best to be used – it is absolutely wrong that the furniture will be better cleaned if you put larger amount of the uphosltery cleaning product. This is nothing more, but a deception. And if you allow this to happen, you will only have negative results – it would be difficult to wash it out from the fibers. You could only achieve whitening and thinning of the fibers. It is a better variant if you are patient enough to use little amounts of the product instead of creating a bigger problem besides the stains in the process of cleaning upholstered furniture.