How To Clean Your Sofa Properly At Home

Cleaning the sofa might not be something you do every day, however it should definitely be on your weekly to-do list. Keeping the soft furniture spotless has a few advantages beyond maintaining a nice, cosy and good looking home. A clean sofa can help you minimise the bacteria lurking in the room and improve the air quality of the house. Our upholstery cleaning professionals share a list of essential furniture care steps to help you maintain your soft furnishings in great shape and prolong its life.


The Best Everyday Care For Any Sofa

There are a few things you should include in your weekly sofa cleaning routine, regardless of the upholstery fabric. Don’t miss any of these steps and soon you’ll see the upholstery stays fresh longer and it’s getting easier and easier to take care of the furniture. You can use this cleaning approach not just for your sofa, but for any of your soft furnishings at home – armchairs, ottomans, puffs, upholstered stools, etc.

Step 1: Take care of the cushions

Get the sofa cushions out and pat them well to take the dust out. Fluff the cushions and pillows to keep them in good shape. Flip them weekly if they are double sided to preserve the shape and avoid uneven wear.

Step 2: Thorough vacuuming

Always use the soft upholstery attachment when cleaning your sofa, otherwise you can damage the fabric. Get the furniture attachment and run the vacuum over the surface. Be diligent and make sure to clean under the cushions, and also in the creases and folds of the upholstery, because these spots usually collect a lot of dirt. It is a good idea to vacuum your sofa first, because hair, dust, and crumbs can fall off the furniture and if the floor is clean you’ll have to redo it.


Step 3: Get the lint roller 

Even if you don’t have a pet your sofa will still benefit from using this tool. Our clothes also leave lints, hair, and tiny threads, and the static keeps them stuck onto the upholstery fabric even after vacuuming.

Extra step for cat owners

A lot of cat owners have to deal with damages on the upholstery from the sharp claws of their furry friends. Luckily, nowadays you can get a pet repellent spray designed to prevent cats from scratching the sofa. These products are non-toxic and won’t do any harm to your pet and will keep the upholstery intact, prolonging the life of the furniture.

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Removing Stains From the Upholstery b1eb720101f73584493d0a0de26cac87

Time is of essence when dealing with a sofa stain. Treating the upholstery right after an accident gives you the best chance of fully removing the dirt. So, whenever you spill something on the sofa grab a few paper towels and soak as much of the liquid as possible. If you dropped something more solid like a piece of chocolate or a thick sauce, get a spoon and carefully scrape it off the upholstery. After removing the solid residue, dip a soft clean cloth in lukewarm water and gently blot the affected area. When your towel gets dirty, dip another part of it in water and continue treating the spot. Your goal is to transfer the dirt from the upholstery to your cloth.  

Your next step is treating the sofa with a cleaning product. We have shared a very extensive guide on treating different stains, so you can check it to choose the best cleaner for your needs. Remember to always test your cleaning product on a small inconspicuous area when dealing with stains on your upholstery. Only after making sure you don’t see any discoloration or damage to the fibres, you can continue treating the spot.