How To Clean Your Sofa Properly At Home

To make sure that the home sparkles with cleanliness, you should pay closer attention to the soft furnishings. It is understandable to try first by yourself and if you can’t handle the problem, only then turn to the London cleaning company. Let us not be discouraged, but to roll up our sleeves. Here are some useful ideas shared by Cleaner Cleaner.

upholstery-cleaningLeather upholstery cleaning in London

No doubt a genuine leather sofa adds style and elegance to the interior, but also it’s a very expensive investment. And to justify the investment, it is appropriate to take care for its long life. Let enjoy as much time on the leather sofa as possible! Here’s what we should do.

Before proceeding to any cleaning you need to look at the label of the manufacturer. It’s not there by chance, though it is hidden at first glance. Although leather is extremely enduring material, there are different types – some don’t tolerate moisture, others are “sensitive” to the sofa cleaning products. And you can’t know all this beforehand. Fortunately, the important information is stated precisely on that label. You should read it carefully before you start cleaning, so you won’t risk destroying the furniture. One risk less is always welcome, although the methods which will be explained below are universal.


Cleaning and refreshing

You can get rid of the dust on the leather sofa with the help of a vacuum cleaner. It is important to use a plug that has a soft brush to avoid scratching the surface and of course first of all – always use the right fabric sofa cleaning products!

How to clean the leather sofa from dust without a vacuum cleaner?

side5In a bowl pour water, but distilled, as the regular one usually contains limestone and other solid particles that would damage the skin. Add a few drops of liquid soap for hands. Wet a pure cotton cloth with the mixture and carefully wipe the fabric on the sofa making sure the towel is not too wet. Now wash it with another cloth moistened only with water (distilled again). Dry the leather with dry cloth using circular motions. To keep the fabric elastic and flexible, without cracking, you should apply balm to the leather, which can be purchased from almost any department store.

With described above method the leather sofa will be clean easily and relatively quickly. You should not forget that leather has porous structure and easily stacks dust and dirt. It is therefore necessary to apply the explained procedure 1-2 times a month. That will ensure the sanitation, will avoid darkening of the upholstery and the leather will restore its natural beautiful sheen.


Removing stains

In our previous advices for cleaning stains from carpets, we stressed that any kind of product should first be tried on a small hidden area. This rule applies now as well.

– Ink

b1eb720101f73584493d0a0de26cac87Students find it very comfortable to do their homework on the sofa. Well, we will not refuse to use the same space for solving crossword puzzle, for example. The problem is what happens when you forget the open pen / stylus on the fabric – ink stain. You shudder just thinking of it – how will you get it out? Relax, specialists from Cleaner Cleaner will give you an idea for that.

Wipe the stain using a cotton swab, dipped in alcohol. Needless to worry about the smell or drying because the questioned liquid evaporates very quickly. Before the spirits procedure you can spray the stain with hairspray if you have one. The finals again is to rub balm for leather and that’s it. .

– Dark spots

They appear most often when we are careless with food products – ketchup, soy sauce, coffee, apple juice and others. In this kind of stains you should act quickly to avoid leaving marks. Mix wine stone (you’ll find it at the pharmacy) with lemon juice and apply the resulting paste to the spot. Wipe after 10 minutes with a damp cloth, then let it dry well.

– Grease

sofa-greaseUnlike other types of fabrics oily stains on leather are not so scary. Just clean them with a dry cloth. Try in this case to respond promptly.

But it’s not so easy to clean dried oil stains. They are stubborn and require special treatment. For them it is best to turn to a professional cleaning company. The are many companies that will help you at affordable sofa cleaning prices and one of them is Cleaner Cleaner. We have many years of professional experience in cleaning almost every kind of sofas.


Oh, that cat

cat-sofaCute at first glance, the small pets become part of the family. But why they decide to sharpen their nails right on the leather furniture we will never know. Ruining them! Even to drop the cat on the street (let’s not come to that), the sofa can’t return to its previous form … Or can it?! With olive oil 😉

Irrigate a soft cloth with the oil and wipe the affected areas in a circular motion. In order to achieve better results, scrub carefully. To remove any remaining sign of tracks polish the upholstery with dry cloth or paper towel. At the final everyone is happy. And what easy and practical way that was! You can treat the sofa many times this way.

Velvet upholstery

velvet-upholsteryFurniture with velvet fabric is harder to clean and maintain, but that is no reason to give it up. With desire and patience, the following advice of Cleaner Cleaner will achieve great results.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner attachment for carpets
  • Lukewarm water
  • Liquid soap or washing-up liquid
  • Sprayer
  • Coarse cloth
  • Bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Soft brush

The first step is to remove the dust and coarse dirt from upholstery with the vacuum cleaner.

Followed by “washing” it. Mix 1 tbsp. soap / washing-up liquid with 16 tbsp. lukewarm water. Stir the mixture until the soap is completely dissolved. Then pour the liquid in the sprayer.

Spray the upholstery with the DIY detergent. Try not to wet the fabric too much. Rub with a rough cloth or sponge (the rougher, the better). Rinse the cloth and dip it in a bucket of lukewarm water where previously we have added a cap of white vinegar. Wipe to remove soap solution on the fabric.

Brush the surface with a soft brush while it’s still damp – to avoid felting. And that’s it. We leave the upholstery to dry completely, and in the event that our patience is not enough, we can help with hairdryer.

Let us not forget:

Brush, be it soft or hard, should be used only when the fabric is wet. Do not use chemical solvents or detergents because it could seriously impair the velvet fabrics or just call and ask about our upholstery cleaning service.