Hark! The Cleaning Angels Sing…

With the shorter days and the colder weather starting to close in, it is, as the saying goes, beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. There’s festive music playing in the shops and the supermarket aisles are packed with Christmas confectionery, drinks, decorations and more, highlighting the fact that the big day really isn’t that far away.

christmas cleaningYou’ll no doubt have started preparing already: choosing gifts, writing food shopping lists, working out how you’re going to fit the entire family around your dining table, or organising the work Secret Santa. There’s one key thing that’s often missed off the list, though – and that’s factoring in all of the cleaning that’ll need to be done over the festive period.

First off, there’s the pre-Christmas chores: mattress cleaning to avoid complaints about dust mites from the in-laws when they stay; a December spring-clean to make space for stashing presents away from curious eyes; a thorough carpet cleaning so your home looks its best for your guests.

For most, though, it’s the post-Christmas clean-up that always comes as a surprise. There’s a huge number of factors that impact on the need for cleaning over Christmas, and here at Cleaner Cleaner, we’ve seen them all.


Santa’s Footsteps?

Carpet cleaners needed for the office after a messy secret Santa gift has left its mark? Check. Rug cleaning as a result of Santa leaving sooty tracks across the living room when he visits? We’ve been there. A need for sofa cleaning after grandma fell asleep holding a glass of red wine? Our advice – treat the stain with water only, blot it with a clean towel, and call in professional cleaners as soon as you can.

With so many people around and with new gifts, a table groaning with food, and free-flowing drinks all added to the mix, the only way to guarantee that your soft furnishings stay stain-free is to wrap your entire home in protective sheets. Of course, that’s not practical – and we’re sure the in-laws wouldn’t be impressed either…

christmas-cleaningChristmas is a time for fun, food and family – but all three of these can leave their mark and result in needing to replace cherished possessions if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly. At Cleaner Cleaner, we specialise in carpet and London upholstery cleaning and can remove even the toughest of stains with our professional cleaning equipment. So, if your sofas are covered in wax after dad moved the Christmas candles, if your new dog has weed all over your prized antique rug or you’ve had an accident with the gravy boat as you’ve carried it to the Christmas table, we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Give us a call and let us know what the problem is, and we’ll give you the chance to continue to enjoy the festive spirit without the stress of worrying about your soft furnishings.

Merry Christmas!