12 Unique Ideas How to Clean Your Carpet

Keeping the carpet clean is always a difficult task, no matter which part of our home is in question. The carpets in the kitchen and dining room, however, we have to admit are usually quite challenging. No matter how careful we are there always are stubborn stains on the floor from food and drinks. How to remove stains ? How to deal with them and is there a solution?

Our skilled team at Cleaner Cleaner considers the cleanliness of rugs is of utmost importance, which is why we provide a few carpet cleaning tips for removing some of the most common stains with home remedies.

For many of us the start of the day is unthinkable without a cup of aromatic and strong coffee. Morning, though still half asleep, we go to the kitchen to prepare our favourite “awakening” drink. It is very easy, but in our sleepy inattention we often spill the coffee. And, by unwritten law, it inevitably falls on the carpet. Now what?

We don’t have to be professional carpet cleaners to deal successfully with a stain of morning coffee on the carpet. There is always a solution how to remove a stain from a carpet. Let’s have a look on some interesting ways to clean the carpet yourself.



  • Wet Wipes

wet wipes carpet cleaningEvery house has them, usually baby wipes, and use them as a universal tool for carpet cleaning. We already know one more application – for carpets. When the spilled coffee is small stain and is not yet dried in the fabric we can absorb it with wet wipes – not only they take away the liquid, but they also clean the texture in depth.

  • Beer

Strange but undeniable tool, against coffee stains, is beer. Pour a little of the carbonated alcoholic liquid on a cloth and rub the problem area on the carpet. After about 5-10 minutes, wipe with a clean wet cloth.

  • Grease stains

We all know that this kind of spots are some of the most hated because they “come out” very, very difficult. Sometimes, even with the most expensive and powerful carpet cleaning products, we don’t accomplish the desired result. The key is to act the moment the grease gets on the carpet before it gets layered deep into the fabric. If we take measures in time, it’s not necessary to use special carpet cleaning chemicals. We can deal with the stain, quite successfully, with improvised means you never suspected could be used like this. We will not get away without cleaning the carpet, but it’s worth it to make some effort so you have a clean rug at the end.

  • Salt

One of the best spot carpet cleaning solutions. Cover the stain on the carpet with plenty of salt. It will absorb the grease and prevent its penetration into the texture. The salt may be replaced with sugar if needed. Once it’s dry, using a brush, remove remaining particles and wash the carpet.

  • Lemon

Lemon juice is also a great tool in the fight against grease. Apply a small amount to the affected area, leave to work for an hour and then wash off.

  • Tooth paste

toothpaste carpet cleaningSurprisingly, yes, toothpaste really works flawlessly. To be able to actually remove the stain, you must spread the paste and rub it to penetrate fabric in depth. Let it work its magic on your carpet for about 24 hours and wash it. The good thing about this method is that we can do without much wetting – just clean the paste with cotton cloth and warm water.

  • White beans

Admittedly unusual, but useful way of dealing with oily carpet stains. The downside is that it is laborious and time consuming. Here’s how to apply: Soak the beans in water and when they swell, boil them in hot water. Filter the beans and use the boiled water to wet thoroughly the contaminated area. For convenience, you can use a sprayer. For very saturated spots you may add vinegar or lemon juice.

  • Potato

Don’t wonder – it works. Strange as it sounds, fresh potato manages to “suck” the grease stain much like salt. Cut the potato into two parts and lay them on the spot. Leave for a day and clean the contaminated surface with lukewarm water and cotton cloth. Then wash it. However, if there is still traces of grease, treat with vinegar or citric acid and again rinse with lukewarm water.

  • Natural mustard

mustard carpet cleaningApply in cases where you are dealing with a very delicate or woollen fabric. In little water dissolve 1 cup dry mustard. Filter the resulting mixture with cheesecloth and add the liquid to 10 litres of warm water. Soak the carpet with this homemade spot remover for 2-3 hours and wash it out. The special detail here is that after the rinse you add 1 teaspoon hartshorn.

In the event of grease stain on the carpet you shouldn’t use wet wipes. They will only spread the grease and draw in the stain deeper into the texture. In such situation any subsequent attempt to remove the stain would be meaningless.

  • Red wine

Stains from red wine are a cause for panic, because if you ever manage to clean them, it is not an easy task. The moment the strongly coloured alcohol gets on the fabric, starts immediately to absorb into the fibres of the carpet. We get upset and think that stain will never disappear. At this point, however, it is wise to say to ourselves “There is always a way.” And the way is quite unusual, but effective.

  • White wine

white whine carpet cleaningAs crazy as it sounds white wine is one universal “product” against stains from red wine. It sounds quite absurd, but you should try it and you will see. Pour a little white wine on the red spot and wait to make its magic. Gently rub the stain with little soapy water and cotton cloth and the problem will disappear. And you can be sure of at least one thing – white wine never leaves stains behind.

It is very difficult to remove the “kitchen” stains from the carpet if you do not have appropriate products. Undoubtedly, there are secret tricks that would be a good solution to this problem. And now you know them. Surely the described diy carpet cleaning methods will be useful in one way or another, but each stain is different and, unfortunately, we can’t always remove it. If you experience difficulties with the cleaning of your carpets, refer to Cleaner Cleaner for professional carpet cleaners in London, to enjoy the fresh sparkling colours and perfectly clean carpet.