Carpet Stain Removal – Even the most terrible stains can be removed

You should not panic if the carpet was stained from coffee and/or grease. But how will you proceed if spill ink or nail polish on the floor? With a deep breath, remain calm and start the carpet cleaning London process. Let’s share with you some common carpet stain removal tips with home remedies.

How to remove carpet stains from ink?

The main and most important rule is to not waste time and react quickly, in other words, start the stain removal procedure almost immediately. The more time you wait, the deeper the ink penetrates into the fabric. And how to act:

  • Use Salt

carpet stain removalSprinkle with salt the stained area while it’s still fresh. Next, take a damp cloth and carefully remove the already soaked with ink salt. Repeat the procedure several times until the stain disappears. Strange as it sounds, salt eliminates spots without problem.

  • Use Corn starch

Pour cornflour and add little milk in a bowl. Stir until you get a soft paste. Then spread the paste on the ink area and leave it to dry. When it makes a crust vacuum up the paste of starch and milk.

Also a quite efficient mixture of 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts of corn starch. Mix products and mix them well until you end up with a mash-like mixture. Then smear the stain, let it dry and then rinse thoroughly.

  • Use Sour cream

Mix 200 g. of sour cream with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, stir until a homogeneous mixture. Brush thoroughly the contaminated area. Let it dry, then wash.

  • Use Hairspray

Hairspray instantly helps to remove stains from ink. The only thing you need to remember is to spray the stain from a distance to avoid damaging the fabric. Then clean it with a dry cotton cloth and there will be no trace of inkblots.

  • Toothpaste

Not only can you clean spots of ink with toothpaste, but also lipstick stains. Dab the area with plenty of toothpaste, rub it gently into the fabric. Wait for it to dry to allow the paste to absorb the ink. Finally, just rinse with lukewarm water and the carpet will be like new.

Nail polish stain

carpet stain removalIf there is not a lot of options for action, in contrast, we do offer a method that undoubtedly will achieve great results. It is a sequence of actions and you simply need to follow them. Most important thing is to remain calm, while you perform the procedures as quickly as possible.

It starts with the absorption of the spilled nail polish. Try to take away as much liquid as possible. Watch out, however, in the effort not to increase the affected area of the carpet. For harvesting the polish can help a blunt metal object, such as a non-cutting side of a knife or spoon. The movements should be similar to strokes, but the goal is to scrub off as much of the paint on the fabric as possible and clean it up. Be careful and don’t push so you don’t achieve the opposite effect.

Now you have to use acetone and a white cotton cloth. Note the white! Use only white one because acetone tends to degrade the colours and if you use a rag with another colour, you might paint the carpet. Once the cotton fabric is already soaked with the volatile liquid start with the treatment of the stain. Again, do not push. Your primary task is to soak in acetone the nail polish and break it down. Use cloth for this purpose and don’t directly damp it because it is important that the amount of acetone is not as much so it doesn’t damage the fabric of the carpet. Perform this part of the procedure only with gloves to avoid the appearance of sores on the fingers and palms, when finished ventilate the room.

Once the acetone penetrates the nail polish again proceed to absorption. Of course again with white cloth – because of the reasons mentioned above. Use a clean cloth, not one that you already used in the previous steps. At the first absorption you will notice that the stain is now much brighter. Relax your method works.

carpet-cleaning-chemicalTime to take a break from the absorption, but not to stop cleaning. You still have a lot to do. Fill a clean sprayer with water and add a tablespoon scoop hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach. If you choose to work with bleach, then be sure that it is not simple bleach as it can totally ruin the carpet as it discolours and damages the fibres. And though you already have a problem (with spots), you do not need another. So now with your carpet stain removal spray treat the stain with the rest of the liquid and leave to work for ten minutes.

You will not be surprised by now that the final stage requires absorption again. Calm, at least you’re near the end. With very light touches take away the bleach solution from the fabric. Well, it is finished!

You already know how to deal with seemingly adamant to clean stains from the carpet. You are aware that there is almost nothing impossible. And that is more than reassuring, of course. But you have to admit it – it’s tiring. Yes, you won’t spend money on expensive carpet stain removal products, you won’t use complex machines, but in the end you can’t wait to relax.

All this can be very different and easily handled with a phone call or email inquiry – just contact us. You have a guarantee by Cleaner Cleaner that our carpet stain removal specialists will deal with all types of stains with the right carpet stain removal products. And you are expected only to enjoy great cleaned carpet with our carpet cleaning London service.