Removing blood stains from a carpet or upholstery

Dealing with blood stains on your carpet

Blood can be one of the harder liquids to shift when it comes to carpet or upholstery stains. The haemoglobin acts as a binder with the fibres on contact with oxygen. Removing blood stains can become even tougher after the mark has completely dried, so you need to work quickly.

removing blood stainsIn truth, bloodstain removal is best left to professional carpet cleaners in London who have the equipment and experience to deal with it. However, if you’re wondering how to clean blood yourself, or want to get the worst of it off before the stain ‘beds in’, here’s our advice. 

Dealing with blood is potentially hazardous, since viruses can live in dried blood for up to a week. So wear protective clothing such as gloves, clean your hands carefully afterwards and desinfect anything you use, such as towels. 

Don’t scrub the stain. This just pushes the mark even further into the fibres. Even if you lift the mark, scrubbing will leave that part of the carpet looking noticeably different from the rest of it. Equally, only use cold water on a bloodstain, don’t use anything else.

Removing blood stains with dry cloth 

dry clothFirst of all – Wear Gloves!!! Blot with a clean dry cloth first to lift as much blood as possible, working from the outside in. Next, spray the affected area with clean water before blotting. 

Blot again with a different, dry cloth, repeating the spraying and blotting if you have to. Spray with clean water, blotting once more and repeating as necessary. 

Finally, cover with paper towels and a heavy weight, leave for several hours and then vacuum. Once you’ve completed the stain removal process, you can speed up the drying process with a hairdryer.(Just don’t hold it too close to the carpet.)This prevents the stain from wicking back to the surface.

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