Mattress Cleaning With Caution And Diligence

The mattress, since its appearance became very important for all of us. Just thanks to him we can give ourselves a full night’s rest. We know how important the ergonomic structure for the health and quality of our sleep is. We are aware of the importance of the regular mattress cleaning, so we go regularly with a vacuum cleaner on the surface – to a level of hygiene throughout our home. Well, that is not enough.

mattressdustmitesThe purpose of cleaning is not just this reason. The main objective is to eliminate all types of germs and bacteria that lie between the threads of the mattress and not at all are harmless. Certainly we all heard of them and are aware of their existence … but do not pay much importance. And that has to change. Otherwise we risk allergic reactions and far more dangerous diseases. Are you now more likely to clean the mattress with caution and diligence? Yes? So this article is for you.

Well, we clarified the reasons for quality cleaning of the mattress. Now let’s turn our attention to how to perform this procedure. We will not hide and bush – difficult, but not impossible. And to be most useful, we at Cleaner Cleaner, will reveal the secrets and subtleties of sanitation of the soft part of the bed.

How to clean a stained mattress

mattress-stainWe start with chemical cleaning. And not by chance – it is the only sure way that will get guaranteed results. For it, you have two options – look for help from professional cleaning company or try your own way. We, from Cleaner Cleaner, advise the first way, but not only because we have a specialized team in the mattress cleaning services (and not only), but because professional sanitation has many advantages over homework. What are they?

  • There is no any doubt that cleaning will be done qualitatively and in the most appropriate and correct way. There is no fear that the results will be excellent.
  • You do not need to do anything. You are only required to provide us with access to the mattress, and from there we will do our best. Finally, you can enjoy the wonderful freshness and cleanliness.

To be absolutely sure that sanitation at home will lead to impeccable cleanliness, you must purchase special equipment for this purpose and to live with several unsuccessful attempts, until you learn to handle it. And cleaning by yourself was supposed to be cheaper. Really? We’re not quite sure, even the opposite. Is it worth all such investment, given that the machine in question you will rarely use (mattress doesn’t need to be cleaned every day). Much more profitable would be to seek help from a company for professional cleaning in London. You can now contact us and receive a free consultation and quote.

Wet cleaning the mattress

The peculiarity of this method is that it requires more time. And not for nothing but to ensure that the fabric and generally throughout all the interior will be able to dry thoroughly to prevent mould. We need a special mattress cleaning product – what exactly you can find out from the label on the mattress and the advice written on it. The packaging of the product will also contain instructions. In this endeavour there is always some risk – will you succeed or the chemical agents will damage the integrity of the fabric? Just be cautious and careful.

Besides the main cleaning, the mattress needs regular sanitation, of course, to a lesser extent. For example, it is important to monitor for stains and if they appear to react promptly. But how? Are you aware how to proceed in different types of stains? Yes, it matters. Let’s look at the main causes of spots and how they are removed.

How to clean mattress urine

mattress-urine-stainThey are common when you have a pet and are completely “mandatory” on mattresses on young children. For starters let go of nerves and anger – they won’t help. And keep calm, everything has a solution. For starters, let’s divide the spots of “old” and “fresh”. With the first you can handle excellent using Borax or boric acid. With little water make a paste and apply it on the affected area. Let stand for ten minutes and then rub the place. After another 10 minutes vacuum the remnants of the paste. The stain is not removed immediately, but will be missing the smell and saturated colour.

If the stain is fresh, absorb the area with paper towels. You will be surprised at how large amount of liquid you can take away it that manner. Finally rub vinegar – it will kill micro-organisms and prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odour.


mattress-blood-stainAt first glance it seems that you can’t deal with them, but no it’s only at first glance. In fact, cleaning can be relatively easy using wet wipes. The catch is that you need to quickly act on them before the blood is absorbed very deep. After that wipe the spot with a cloth soaked in cold (but really cold) soapy water and rinse the residues. Dealing with fresh bloodstains can be relatively easy, using conventional wet wipes.

It’s little more difficult when it comes to old blood stain. For it will need a paste prepared from salt, starch and hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. Apply the mixture and let it dry. Then clean. If the stain is still there, repeat the procedure.

If the described methods do not work, proceed to the heavy artillery – bleach. Not accidentally leave as a backup, be extremely careful. Use a very small amount of disinfection liquid and leave it for a short to stand on the mattress. In other words, immediately after applying bleach start rubbing the area with a clean damp cloth. The final stage is only to expose the mattress outdoors, possibly in a sunny place to dry well.

Stains of unknown origin 

There are spots which are difficult to determine how, what and when they occurred. It is not really necessary. More important is to remove them. And it is quite possible. Of course, the help comes again “product” which you will prepare. You need 200-250ml peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a cap of detergent. The mixture liquid pour into spray bottle and spray the stain. Wait for 10 minutes and see how the stain disappears.

If your try for mattress cleaning is not successful, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for our mattress cleaning London service. You will receive a competent cleaning service at affordable price and with professional mattress cleaning products.