How To Clean The Bathroom Carpet

If we need to be honest, cleaning the bathroom is the most unpleasant thing. True punishment. However, The bathroom is the site most in need of maintenance and cleaning since it has direct contact with water, moisture and detergents. Like the kitchen, it should be cleaned regularly so that it does not have to be cleaned for hours afterwards to remove overlays and dirt. In addition, regular care prevents the deposition of harmful molds and microbes. We are sure that the thing you want the most is to have healthy environment for your family and kinds. Knowing how to clean especially the bathroom rugs properly will help you to get them looking good again without destroying them. As we already said, they need to be washed regularly from hair, moisture, and misfires – especially if you have small children.

toilet carpet cleaningHow To Clean Your Bathroom Carpet?

That’s why we have prepared for you our short guide how do clean your bathroom/toilet carpets easy and fast.

There are different types of carpets and how often you should wash it greatly depends on several factors like if the carpet has a non-skid rubber backing, if you are using it frequently or not and if a lot of water is routinely splashed on the floor in your bathroom or toilet.

So, if your carpet has a non-skid rubber backing and you are washing it frequently, just stop doing it, especially with hot water, because the rubber backing will deteriorate quickly if it is washed too many times. Don’t forget also one more important thing – rubber and hot water are definitely not a good mix in terms of durability.

Our advice is if you have a bathroom carpet that has a rubber backing is to wash it once in a few weeks and use only COLD water.

Mold and Mildew in Your Bathroom Carpet

If you are using your carpet frequently, you need to wash it weekly. You better know how your carpet is wet most of the time, especially after several showers per day.  Moreover it takes a LONG time to dry. Sounds familiar, right?

Because of this poor drying process, mold and mildew grow easily and it’s definitely not a healthy place for your family and kids. The place becomes the perfect condition for gross things to multiply quickly.

We will remind you just to look at the care label on you rug. Most of the bathroom carpets are machine-washable. You can even add two at a time with some towels which will balance the load.

After you finish with the washing machine leave the carpets to air dry. That will preserve their rubber backing and adhesives. If that’s not possible, you have always choose the dryer, but put them for the shortest amount of time possible and remove them immediately.

bathroom carpet cleaningAnother way to take off all the hair from your toilet rug is to take it outside and shake it virorously.

Vinegar, Fresh Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Talking about toilet rugs we can’t just skip the smell. Whatever the reason for it is, you just can’t afford to let your bathroom carpet to smell. All you need is a few things which you can easily find in your kitchen like vinegar, fresh lemon juice and baking soda.

Just mix 9% vinegar and some water in a 1:1 ratio. Then fill the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it on the smelling areas, leaving it for a few minutes until it dries. Clean with warm water.

Another easy way is just to mix water and fresh lemon juice in a ratio of 1:1. Leave the mixture on the carpet area for around 15 minutes and clean it with clean sponge. You will receive nice citrus aroma.

Probably the most  popular way to remove bad odours and stains from carpets is using baking soda. Let’s take a look what you should do.

Sprinkle some baking soda onto the rug and leave it overnight. In the morning get some white vinegar on it and then wash with warm water.

We can’t lie to you – there is really NO magical way to keep one bathroom clean and when it comes to toilet/ bathroom carpetss with all the wetness and traffic there, you should have a plan on replacing them frequently. Or look to choose waterproof waffle-backed carpets. It is something to think about when you are choosing your rug or just call Cleaner Cleaner and ask about our carpet cleaning services. You’ll get a FREE quote and a high quality service.