How to clean the 3 most common types of carpets

A home is much more comfortable when there is a nice and soft carpet covering the floor. It brings cosiness and creates warm and intimate atmosphere. Among the first things that your friends and guests will pay attention to when entering your home is the well maintained floor and carpet.

home-carpet-cleaning-companyThe good news here is that you do not need to wash your carpet so often. This procedure needs to be done about one or two times per year. And the truth is that washing your carpet is quite demanding activity which requires much more time than the normal activities when cleaning your apartment.
Home cleaning companies are specialized in this activity and they fulfill it quite expeditiously. If you decide to trust on their service you could be quite surprised by the short terms in which they deal with carpet washing.

If you decide to take up the hard task by yourself then you should know that there are special methods and products for fulfilling it. The main difference comes from the type of the material they are made of and it is not a right approach to clean every carpet in the same way.

For us, the team of Cleaner Cleaner, washing carpets is an easy task. We trust our modern technique and we use effective and quality products when fulfilling this job. However, we are also aware of the fact that this procedure is much more difficult and complex at home conditions. In order to save you troubles, we can give you information about the basic types of carpets and the specifications in their washing.

Synthetic carpets

synthetic carpetsTheir regular maintenance is done with a vacuum cleaner. When cleaning the dust and small particles regularly, this can guarantee that you have a nice looking carpet. The more often you clean it, the better look it will have for a longer period of time.
This type of carpet is a bit more specific in comparison to the other carpet types and it requires special products for cleaning it. When you buy such a carpet you need to carefully read the label. This will protect you from unwanted results, such as discoloration or damaging the material.
You can always try alternative carpet cleaning methods for removing stains from the carpet. The combination of baking soda and warm water can do a great job but you should make sure that your carpet will not be damaged when treating it in such a way (you can do it by treating just a tiny spot).

Wool carpets

wool carpets

You should also rely on the vacuum cleaner for the regular cleaning of this type of carpets. When you have to remove a stain from the carpet or you want to wash it, you should carefully choose the right product for doing it.
Alkaline products are not suitable for them. These products will damage your carpet for sure. Wool absorbs a great amount of water and when it is time for drying, you need to have a lot of patience. This is one of the main reasons due to which the owners use professional carpet cleaning for their carpet care.
Perhaps you are not sure if you have a wool carpet? You can easily find out with the help of a candle. Just break off a threat of your carpet and put it close to the flame of a candle. The smell that you will feel after doing that should be similar to burnt hair.

Carpets of plant fibers

plant fibres carpetsThese carpets are much more sensitive and they do not tolerate stains in comparison to the synthetic and wool carpets. Their regular cleaning includes carefully removing deposits of dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
The carpets of plant fibers are much easier to get dirty and when you remove stains or when you want to entirely clean them, you need to pay more special attention to their drying.
This is an extremely important and delicate moment when we talk about this type of carpets. If you want to successfully deal with it, you should use an air conditioning, fan or any other suitable device that will help for better drying them. Another important thing is that you should leave the devices working at lower speed so that you do not cause fiber damage.

As you can see by yourself, different types of carpets demand different approaches for cleaning them. If you do not want to take a risk or you do not have enough time for carpet cleaning, Cleaner Cleaner will do this job for you. For just a short time you will have one perfectly clean carpet, ready for use.