How to Care for Your Togo Sofa

If you are among the lucky ones that have a Togo sofa, you already know how comfortable and versatile this piece is! It instantly elevates the space’s appearance giving it modern chic vibes. However, many people hesitate to get one because they are afraid it’s the kind of furniture that’s quite difficult to clean and maintain. Well, that can’t be further from the truth!

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These sleek, snug, head-turning design pieces are also relatively easy to maintain. With proper care, your Togo sofa will look – and feel – as comfortable and luxurious as it did the day you first brought it home. Moreover, if you keep your Togo sofa in good condition, it maintains its value, and you can re-sale it at a price close to the one you’ve paid.

Today, our sofa cleaning pros will share with you the best ways to care for your Togo furniture.

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Togo sofas maintain their value and you can see 30 year old Togos looking as new on eBay and similar websites.

What is a Togo sofa? 

Togo is a furniture collection created by designer Michel Ducaroy in 1973 for the French company Ligne Roset. Togo sofas are timeless pieces featuring an elegant design that instantly captures the eye. Besides its beauty, the furniture is also comfortable and durable. So it’s no surprise that over the years, Togo has obtained an iconic status all over the world. The series is very recognisable and loved by people of all ages, and the company still makes it to this day.

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Togo upholstery fabrics and materials

Togo sofas come in a few different upholstery fabrics and materials – Alcantara, Cordoue, Harald, and Leather. 

  • Alcantara is the most popular upholstery for Togo furniture, with more than 70 colour options. This fabric is durable, easy-to-clean (using the correct products) microfibre with a suede-like texture.
  • Cordoue is a soft cotton corduroy velvet upholstery with a lush vintage look inspired by the seventies design.
  • Harald is a tight-woven, very short-pile velour fabric made from 100% cotton that gives a luxurious finish to Togo furniture pieces.
  • Leather – Togos can come in a wide variety of sumptuous natural leathers – from full-grain bull hides and nubuck to Elmosoft semi-aniline leather. 

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A set of lovely multicoloured Togo sofas we have cleaned for our client.

How do I clean my Togo sofa?

Maintaining your Ligne Roset Togo sofa is not difficult if you follow a few simple rules. Cleaning should be done regularly to keep its luxurious look and feel over time. The main “issue” with Togo sofas is that they are just too comfortable! This quality tempts many people to do everything snuggled on their beloved furniture: reading, watching TV, sleeping, playing games and even dining. However, unlike other types of sofas, food crumbs and dirt get trapped in the folds and crevices, so no matter what you do, try to avoid eating on your Togo. Now, let’s jump to the cleaning steps necessary to maintain your Togo sofa in perfect condition.

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Cleaning around and under 

Unlike most other furnishings, Togo sofas lay directly on the ground, meaning the furniture is in contact with all the dirt and dust on the floor. So, cleaning and mopping the floor under and around the sofa is a must to keep the upholstery clean. Luckily, Togo sofas are relatively light and easy to move around, making cleaning the floor around and under possible even if you are alone.

Weekly vacuuming 

Whatever the upholstery material, regular vacuuming is the most crucial step to keep the gorgeous look of your Togo furniture. All the crevices and folds, typical for its signature design, trap a lot of dirt, hair and dust very quickly. That is why vacuuming your sofa should become part of your weekly cleaning routine. Use your vacuum’s crevice tool to remove dust and debris from each fold and seam of the upholstery. Finish the vacuuming by running the light brush attachment all over your Togo sofa.

We’re especially proud of the job we did on this cute yellow Togo. You can see the before/after pic a little further down the article.

Freshen up the upholstery

If you want to keep the upholstery looking nice and fresh, you only need a clean towel and water! Wipe your Togo sofa with a slightly damp towel after vacuuming. You don’t need any cleaning product, only pure water. This is a swift cleanup, but it delivers impressive results and instantly freshens the Togo sofa. 

Spot cleaning

If you must remove stains from your Togo sofa, we advise you to act carefully. The most popular upholstery, Alcantara, is a gorgeous microfibre suede. This material can be very forgiving when it comes to different stains. However, if you spill something on your sofa, it is crucial to act quickly. Treat the spot with a damp clean towel, and try not to over-soak and over-scrub your sofa. 

You can also use specialised fabric stain removal products when needed. After wiping down the upholstery, rinse any soapy residue with a clean, dry towel. Allow the sofa to dry completely before sitting on it.

When it comes to spot cleaning, it is very important to avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals, rubbing alcohol or bleach, as they will cause damage to the sofa fabric. Remember that over-soaking your Togo sofa can cause permanent staining to the upholstery.

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Maintaining a leather Togo sofa 

You can safely use a specialised leather cleaner and conditioner if your Togo has leather upholstery. Use a high-quality, pH-balanced leather cleaner to treat the leather, then finish with a leather conditioner. When cleaning leather, it’s crucial to not saturate it and to buff lightly after applying the products. 

Avoid using saddle soap and other solvents and harsh scrubbing, as this can damage the leather upholstery of your Togo sofa. Regular cleaning and conditioning of the leather will help keep its luxurious look.

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Before and after Togo sofa cleaning done by Cleaner Cleaner team.

Deep cleaning of Togo furniture

As with any other type of furniture, you must set up an annual deep cleaning of your Togo sofa. Although you can try and clean it yourself, the pointy tips of your Togo furniture require some specific cleaning tools due to its unique design. Also, DIY cleaning often leads to oversoaking, and as we mentioned, this can cause permanent staining on the upholstery. That is why even the manufacturer, Ligne Roset, recommends turning to professional upholstery cleaners for the deep cleaning of your Togo furniture.

However, regular furniture cleaning tools most cleaners use can get your sofa too wet and soggy and ruin it. So, before hiring any cleaning company, make sure they are familiar with the peculiarities of Alcantara and other Togo upholsteries and have the right tools for the job.