The silver lining with the coronavirus

It’s certainly not nice to hear about the rising number of people affected by the coronavirus around the globe, however every negative event has its silver lining. I reckon that the whole coronavirus outbreak will benefit towards raising the hygiene standards across the average UK household. Hopefully these high standards will remain as high long after the coronavirus pandemic.

Simple hygiene rules:

1.         Wash hands regularly throughout the day

2.         Wash clothes once a week

3.         Wash bed linen once a week

4.         Air your property morning and evening to let fresh air

5.         Deep clean and then wipe inanimate surfaces: door handles, worktops, tv remotes, mobile phone with antibacterial wipes

6.          Steam clean carpets , curtains and soft furnishings

There are number of chemicals may be able to destroy the Coronavirus, however, the efficacy tests are done in controlled, clinical environments meaning that the real world application may not achieve the same results.

It is important to understand that most antimicrobial chemicals (disinfectants) are not going to achieve the desired results when applied to soiled surfaces, carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, curtains, inanimate surfaces etc. 

We advise proper cleaning of surfaces, like washing of hands, which offers more protection than application of hand sanitiser as it actually removes the contamination rather than trying to “kill” or “destroy” it.  

Even surfaces that appear visibly clean must be cleaned thoroughly prior to application of disinfectants. 

Keep your homes and offices clean is our advice to you!

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