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9 Things You Need to Know About Stain Protection for Carpets and Upholstery

13 May 2024

Remember that feeling of walking on a brand-new carpet or sinking into a plush sofa for the first time? Unfortunately, accidents happen, and spills can quickly turn that pristine surface into a stained nightmare. In the past, most carpets and upholstered furniture Read More »

6 Questions About Your Mattress You Always Wanted to Ask a Professional Cleaner

30 March 2022

Well, it may be a cliche, but it’s true – we spend around 1/3 of our life in bed, so getting a high-quality mattress is a must. Maintaining your mattress in good condition is crucial to improving the quality of your sleep and your overall health. However, when it comes to information on the matter, the internet is full of nonsense and misleading advice. Some of the tips are simply funny, while others can lead to damage. So, if you want to know more about cleaning and maintaining your mattress – read on! Read More »