How to Spot a Legitimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

In a world that is bustling with cleaning companies, there are bound to be a few bad apples floating around out there. There are actually quite a lot, to be frank. End of tenancy cleaning has been a reputable service in the cleaning industry over the years. However, courtesy of those bad apples, the idea of the service has become warped and misshapen. That is why our professional cleaning team got together to gather some pointers on how to spot a legitimate end of tenancy cleaning company.

What is Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Before we get to the main point of this article, we are going to put together a brief introduction to the basics of the service. End of tenancy cleaning, the name kind of gives away the idea. We all know that conducting a special level of cleaning is needed when you are leaving your rental property, especially if you want to get your security deposit back. Here are a few things that one should expect from a professional company:

  • A cleaner or a team of  professional cleaners fully equipped with professional products to tackle the job;
  • There is usually an end of tenancy cleaning checklist available so as customers can see what will be included in the service;
  • Customers should also be able to find a price list available on the company’s website;
  • Because price lists are flexible due to the varying styles and sizes of properties, clients should also have access to a free quote.
  • Choice of payment method 
  • Clear terms and conditions

Not all cleaning companies offer the same things in their end of tenancy cleaning service, but there are a few basics that the majority of legitimate cleaners offer. Here is a brief list of the tasks you will find on the cleaners’ list:

  • Dusting and removing cobwebs;
  • Wiping down all visible surfaces;
  • Vacuuming and cleaning all floors;
  • Dusting and wiping down doors, windows, and frames
  • Kitchen cleaning (degreasing and cleaning cupboards, surfaces);
  • Bathroom cleaning (removing limescale and polishing all units);
  • Bedroom – vacuuming mattress, general cleaning.

As you can see, this service is generally VERY thorough. A really good cleaning company also adds in a few extra services such as cleaning various kitchen appliances like oven, fridge, freezer both inside and out.

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How to Spot a Legitimate End of Tenancy Cleaning Company?

It is very easy nowadays to create and launch a website advertising all of the above mentioned. Many people just slap the word professional on their sites and claim to be trustworthy and reliable, making it hard for customers to trust anyone in the industry. That is why we are going to gather all the main traits that one should look for when choosing their cleaning company:

  • Professional cleaning services should always come with a 100% clean guarantee;
  • You should always confirm that the employees of the company you have selected are fully-trained, vetted, and insured;
  • Free quotes either over the phone or available on the website;
  • Another piece of advice, check out if the company you are interested in is certified and accredited;
  • No time-span for a job should be given. A task is done when it is done and no sooner than that;
  • Professional cleaning companies should always provide equipment and cleaning products for a job. This should include an option of eco products should the client prefer;
  • Reviews are another pointer on a cleaning company’s track record. This way, customers can check out the satisfaction level of service before making any commitments;
  • We also advise you look into companies offering overly cheap services, as it may look like a dream come true. But it rarely is as a lot of money needs to be put in to enable professional cleaners to do their jobs properly. For example, machinery, cleaning products, and salaries cost a lot. Generally, if you hire the right technicians, you will be very happy in terms of value for money as it is your security deposit on the line.