Why Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Do you need professional carpet cleaning? If the answer is yes, then the question is why, having in mind the fact that we are able to clean them by ourselves, even though it is not just a simple task. Most of the people think that they can do the job without any help. And they are probably right, but what is the cost for doing it? Which of the variants is better – to do it by ourselves or to call for professional cleaning help? The answers of these questions will come when we discuss the subject about carpets a bit more thoroughly, as well as the ways they should be cleaned.

professional carpet cleaningLet`s start with this – in order to keep the carpet clean, it should be washed at least two times per year. And we all know the reasons for doing this – because there is too much dust in it after some time, and this is an ideal environment for the development of mites and other bad microorganisms. Besides that, there are many different contaminants that can retain among the fibers of the carpet. And in general we can speak that the biggest disadvantage of carpets is their lack of hygiene.

The vacuum cleaner can not remove all the dirt and dust, so the carpet can appear to be precondition for complication of the health of children and adults and causing allergies. On the other hand, carpets are preferred for use because they can cover a big area without having the need of craftsmen for placing flooring, for example. Another bigger plus here is the feeling of comfort and coziness that it gives in your home or your office. That is why carpets are so widespread and preferred for use, but for overcoming the disadvantages, there is only one certain solution – regular and thorough carpet cleaning.

How you should do the carpet cleaning?

?) At home conditions
?) With the help of a company for professional carpet cleaning.

So let`s take a look what the advantages and disadvantages of both variants are.

carpet cleaning at home?)This is an excellent way for the people of action who are used to do everything on their own and all should be under their control. Washing the carpet at home is also a good variant for the people who do not trust others that they will fulfill the job as good as them. They are skeptical about using machines, because they are afraid this could damage the carpet. So generally these are the ‘advantages’ of variant A.
Let`s revise the negative aspects. If you decide to do the washing by yourself, then you take the risk that:

  • the desired results have not been achieved, especially when we talk about washing thick and heavy carpets;
  • some stains and persistent dirt can not be removed due to lack of appropriate equipment;
  • the cleaning product that you are using could be inappropriate for your carpet and it could not only clean it bad, but it could damage the fibers;
  • you could threaten your health with a product that contains strong chemical agents;
  • you can lose a whole day (or even more) while trying to manage with sanitation of all the carpets at home;
  • you can damage the fibers if the atmosphere conditions are not appropriate and there are no prerequisites for the smooth drying of the fibers. In more likely in such a case that the carpet gets moldy and/or begins to rot;
  • you will just get muscle pain and this is not a joke, but you should be aware of the fact that this type of physical effort is not small at all.

The positive aspects cleaning the carpet with professional cleaning company

carpet cleaning company before and after-the companies have the necessary products and preparations for achieving excellent results;
-a guarantee for removing all stains is also the special equipment which is the most modern and up to date equipment in most of the cases;
-the companies have teams which are specially trained and their everyday practice makes them specialists in their area, so they have no doubts about the way they should act or which product and concentration of the preparation they should use;
– in most of the cases the washing products are eco friendly, which gives the insurance that their use will not harm the environment or it will not lead to undesirable results for the human health and for their pet`s health;
-almost all companies give a guarantee for the quality of their services. In most of the cases this is done via an agreement for re-cleaning if the clients are not satisfied with the result;
-while the team is dealing with the cleaning, you can spend this time the way you like, but not in cleaning and washing;
-the fatigue that you get from option ?) has been replaced with the satisfaction of the clean carpet without putting any effort in achieving it;
The negative sides of variant B): To tell you honestly, there are no negative sides.

diy carpet cleaning at home or a companySo, let`s compare both variants now and determine which option is better – the one when we clean the carpet by ourselves or the other, when it is washed by specialists. As you can see, the first variant has got more negative aspects than positive. The second one does not even have ‘negative aspects’, and the positive aspects are more than those of variant A). It looks like we have answered the question why professional cleaning of carpets is necessary. And do you use such kind of service? If not – why? What is the thing that still bothers you and makes you skeptical? Perhaps you would like the idea to contact us and ask all the questions that you may have.

Everyone of the team of Cleaner Cleaner will be happy to give you full and comprehensive answers. And in case if you wish, we could make an offer for your carpet. And if you decide to clean it for you, we will be more than happy to show you that you can trust us, and we are ready to deal with all possible challenges (like dirt and stains). We will demonstrate our correctness and our ability to always ensure the best possible results. So, do you agree?