Remember, remember a cleaner November…

At Cleaner Cleaner, we find that certain times of the year are busier than others. In the summer, we’re called in as professional cleaners after summer parties, while in December, people will often call home and carpet cleaners London to prepare for the arrival of Christmas guests…or to deal with the aftermath!

In November, we find that early in the month is our busiest time. Halloween and Bonfire Night, while lots of fun, are also the catalysts for plenty of mess: it’s during the first half of the month that we’re called on the most for carpet stain removal, rug cleaning, sofa cleaning and more. Here’s why.

Trick or treat…

november cleaning cleaner cleaner

Often, the aftermath of October 31st – Halloween – is a job that’s dealt with on the first day of November. It’s not just a case of dealing with children coming down from a sugar high either! There are two main causes of post-Halloween callouts for us, the first involving these sweet treats. Little trick or treaters will no doubt eat as many of their spoils as they can on the night, but you may well find that the next day you’ll be faced with sweets melted into soft furnishings or chocolatey finger prints on the carpets.

The second is a result of Halloween costumes: greasy face paints can be tricky to remove from upholstery and rugs, while it’s also a time of year when our expertise in blood stain removal is called upon – mostly fake blood, luckily. Both of these Halloween mishaps are definitely a job for the professionals – don’t make the mistake of scrubbing and hoping for the best, as you may well find that it actually makes the stains worse.

Fireworks: not all fun and games…

bonfire night LondonOn November 5th, we all love a firework display: oohing and aahing over the bangs and the bright colours. Here at Cleaner Cleaner, though, while we’re enjoying the evening we’ve got one ear out for the telephone, as Bonfire Night is another of our busy times.

Over the last few years there’s been a rise in indoor fireworks amongst those who have no outdoor space or who simply don’t want to brave the cold – and while they’re great fun and more manageable than giant rockets, they do come with their own problems. Flames and soft furnishings don’t tend to mix, and it’s a time of year when burnt carpets and sofas are more likely. Before using indoor fireworks, check the fire safety of any nearby curtains, carpets, sofas and other upholstered items – and give us a call if the worst does happen.

Finally, while we enjoy Bonfire Night, our pets aren’t such big fans: while the fireworks are going off – sometimes for several days around November 5th – they’ll often be found hiding somewhere they feel is safe. It’s a distressing time for cats, dogs and other pets…and as well as struggling to coax them out from wherever they’ve hidden, you may also find that their toilet training goes out the window, leading them to do their business on the carpet, behind the sofa or in some other hidden place. Pet stain removal is one thing – removing the smell is another, but this is something in which we specialise. Call us as soon as possible, and avoid cleaning the area – simply keep it moist with a damp clean towel until we arrive, as this will make it easier for us to resolve.

viber-image3If you’re in need of professional carpet cleaning, sofa or upholstery cleaning this November, call in the professional carpet cleaners. Here at Cleaner Cleaner, we’ve seen it all before – and we’ll have things looking as good as new in no time.