How to keep your carpets clean over the half term holidays

As we head into autumn and the half term school holidays, the kids have more time for playing outdoors amongst the colourful leaves and the conkers. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean bringing a lot of the outdoor elements back inside with them, and this is not a good look for your carpet.

autumn kids

Girls playing with autumn leaves

With extra feet around the home and with winter on its way, it’s a better time than any to arm your carpet against mess and mucky footprints. You’ve heard of a spring clean – now try an autumn clean! For a particularly deep clean, we’d recommend enlisting professional cleaners in London to keep your family home looking spick and span throughout winter. In the meantime, here are a few tips you can try to keep your carpets and rugs as dirt-free as possible this half term.

Remove shoes before entering

Get your little ones into the habit of removing their shoes before coming into the house. Leaving mucky, leaf-covered boots and shoes at the door will limit the amount of dirt that gets trailed around indoors. Remember that it is far easier to brush dirt off a doormat than it is to scrub and pick out dirt that has been ground into the carpet.

Invest in a sturdy doormat and rugs

rug-cleaning-londonAside from a new Christmas tree and decorations, one of the best things you can buy for the home this year is a sturdy, heavy-duty doormat and plenty of thick rugs. A thick and wiry doormat will help trap dirt as well as other hidden outdoor elements that are best left at the door such as lead, coal tar and other toxins.

Also, place some sturdy rugs in areas like the hallway and rooms nearest to your entrance to catch any rainwater and prevent excess dirt from finding its way into your carpet fibres.

Vacuum Carpet Cleaning On a Weekly Basis

carpet cleaning finchleyLast but certainly not least, be sure to vacuum regularly. A weekly vacuuming of your carpets will help to lift loose soil and other dirt out of the carpet before it has a chance to become deeply and stubbornly rooted in the fibres.

Making the effort to hoover on a weekly basis (if not more during winter) will also help prevent your carpet from looking dull by significantly reducing fibre damage. A regular clean rids your carpet of microscopic nasties such as dust mites and other pests, resulting in a healthier carpet and a healthy atmosphere for any young kids and pets in the home.

Hire professional carpet cleaners

carpet cleaning cleanercleanerWhile these tips are great for keeping on top of your carpet cleaning at home, a deep clean is ideal for keeping your carpets looking and smelling their best this time of year, but in this case you will need a professional carpet cleaning company. Here at Cleaner Cleaner, we appreciate how frustrating it can be to maintain carpet cleanliness in the family home, particularly when harsh winters threaten to bring the outdoors in.

Fortunately, our team of reliable and fully trained cleaners will make light work of heavy dirt, offering excellent upholstery and carpet cleaning services London to get your home clean and comfortable in time for Christmas. As a member of the National Carpet Cleaning Association, we know how important rug cleaning, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning is at one of the muddiest, busiest times of year.

Contact us today and take advantage of our seasonal offers to get your home looking great for less. Whatever the weather throws at you this winter, you can be sure your home won’t be showing any signs of it!