How we helped a Landlady in Wandsworth

Initial contact
Louise, a Landlady in Wandsworth, reached out to us via the contact form on our website in need of an end of tenancy cleaning for her property after the previous tenants, not realising it was their responsibility, failed to organise their own cleaning.

Property details
We asked Louise a few questions about the property such as: how many bedrooms and bathrooms does the property have? Is it over one level or split-level? How many and which rooms are carpeted? Is it a furnished or unfurnished property? Is mattress or upholstery cleaning required? Are there any venetian blinds or window shutters, and do they require deep cleaning or just dusting? This helped us get a full picture of what is required for the service and provide an accurate quote.

Quotation & Confirmation
After gathering the information we needed, we were able to provide Louise with an itemised quote for an end of tenancy cleaning, including carpet cleaning for the 3 bedrooms, and a separate quote for professional upholstery cleaning for her 4 seater sofa as she would decide if this will be needed at a later date. Once the quote had been accepted and a time and date were agreed on we emailed the booking confirmation.

On the day…
The team arrived at 8:30am and had a look around the property, taking before photos to document the condition of the property and any damages we may find. We found that the lounge was also carpeted and there was a utility room that had not been accounted for. We called Louise to discuss with her if she would like us to professionally clean the lounge carpet and advise on what we should do for the utility room. Louise requested for the additional carpet and utility room cleaned, we were able to update her quote instantly on the phone.

6 hours later we contacted Louise to let her know the clean will be finished soon and for her to return to inspect and lockup. Louise was so happy with the level of care our team had put into her property and gave them a generous tip.