Which products are hazardous and how we should avoid them?

Have you ever been in a situation when you get an allergic reaction or any respiratory or dermatological problems after you are done with the cleaning at your home (even if it is not an entire cleaning of the house). Perhaps, not all of them at once, perhaps they were not in such a great extend, but for sure we have all experienced such kind of consequences. And have you thought that the most probable reason for their appearance is the cleaning itself? You may be wondering how this is possible, having in mind the well-known fact that impeccable cleanness prevents the appearance of various diseases?

hazardous cleaning productsCleanness is cleanness and it is wonderful that you were able to achieve it! But what were the means for achieving it and at what price (not a material one)? It is exactly the products that we use every day at home which are the cause for allergic reactions and bad health. Perhaps you have heard about the damage that chemical agents can cause, but you still do not believe that it could be so big? You are even convinced that the products that you use are harmless because they have not caused you any problems so far?

One of the reasons for such misconception is that in many of the cases the damage to our health can appear after some time when certain substances accumulate in our bodies. That is why you could not even suspect what they could be causing until the quantity accumulated in your organism gets enough for appearing an illness. But how can you predict such a situation and how can you avoid getting into such a situation and protect yourself? The most important thing is to be well informed! Before you buy a new product, you should read the label carefully and if there are any substances into its content that you do not recognize or you just do not know, you should take a look and find out what they are like. 

There is also another variant through which you can harm your health without knowing, and this is also due to the cleaning products. This could happen even if you have been very careful and you have assured in advance that the products that you use are harmless. And it is quite a simple way – when you mix a few products – and we all have done this with the goal to achieve better and faster results in sanitation. And yes, in most of the cases the effect is excellent. BUT! I am sure you have ever thought about what the consequences of doing this might be. If two harmless substances are being mixed, it is more likely from the reaction that occurs to get a new, third substance, which also could be dangerous…

But let`s have a look and find out which the products that present the biggest threat for our health are:

foam-cleaning-productsThe cleaning products, which make big foam

We know that it is easier to clean with a product that makes bigger foam. But we harm ourselves more when using such a product! The hazardous substances in this case are the phosphates that cause the soft bubbles. It is exactly these agents that cause the problems with metabolism, teeth and bones, they lead to stomach pain and even cardiovascular problems.

Phosphates are forbidden for usage in most of the countries of the European Union due to the reason that they have a negative effect over the environment. But this is not an obstacle for the product manufacturers. There is the foam, thanks to certain agents such as trienthanolamine and diethanolamine. They are not harmless and could cause allergies, skin problems and decrease immune system.

So the conclusion is quite clear – you should start using products with less foam, put some more physical effort, more scrubbing, but you must not risk your health for achieving easier and faster result in cleaning.

Sparkling white can be dangerous too

We use whitening products almost every day – for washing the clothes, for polishing the panels or other surfaces. And if we do not achieve the desired result with one product, we buy a second one, then a third one, and then we finally find it – the one, that makes the miracle and makes everything perfectly white. And now – take a look on its label. And if you find any of the following substances that are listed below, you should immediately throw it away.

ammonium hydroxide – it carries risks for respiratory diseases, allergies, problems with the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Such substances are mainly presenting into the washing products and are really insidious because they are hard to be washed away and they remain active even after the washed fibers get dry. Much more harmless and excellent results will be achieved if you use only pure ammonia or ammonia diluted with water.

chlorine – the most frequent symptoms that it causes are eye irritation, asthma attacks, dermatological problems, allergic reactions.

bleach-heroIs bleach hazardous?

Just as every other product that is chemically manufactured, bleach also carries risks for our health, but they are quite limited. Things get much more serious though when we mix the whitening product with another substance. You should have in mind that the most hazardous combination for our health is exactly when mixing it with eco products. That is how it is proved that natural ‘products’ can also lead to problems if we are not careful. We will also have a look what should not be mixed with bleach:


Theoretically this combination looks like a strong preparation for removing bacteria from household devices. In practice, it creates gaseous chlorine that causes cough, respiratory problems and watery eyes even if it is in a small quantity


It often presents into the products for cleaning windows and glass. In a combination with bleach though, it creates chloramine. This gas has hazardous consequences for the organism, causing pain in fingers and lack of air in the lungs.

-medical alcohol

The bleach and the alcohol in a combination cause troubles with the respiratory system if inhaled. 

We do hope now that you will be more suspicious towards the cleaning products, as well to be more cautious. The specialists from Cleaner Cleaner advice you to trust natural products more – baking soda, vinegar, citrus fruit, and they should never be mixed with chemically manufactured products. The ideal variant of course will be to call us so that we could clean everything for you. And this is not just an advertisement, because the Cleaner Cleaner team achieves not only excellent results, but we also have another advantage. We always use eco cleaning products and preparations in our end of tenancy cleaning London work, and they are perfectly safe for both, the environment and your health.