Cleaning carpets with methods that are not so popular

Carpet Cleaning Using Sauerkraut

No, we have not changed the subject of our blog, we are not going to talk about cooking 😉. It is true that no matter that it sounds quite strange sauerkraut is one of the most natural and environmentally friendly means for cleaning carpets.

carpet cleaning with sauerkrautPerhaps you already feel skeptical about this carpet cleaning method and you are wondering how is it possible to offer it for cleaning the carpet? And this specific sore smell – how could it get along with the carpet in the living room? Do not worry, we have an appropriate answer for every question asked above. This is the way it is applied: you should carefully wash the leaves of the sauerkraut one by one. As you can guess, this action is meant to wash their smell away as much as possible.

Well, it will not disappear totally, but despite the amount of water that you have used for washing, you should not worry that there still could be some smell of vinegar left, even though it is a slight one. We will manage with this issue later.

Now, let’s get back to the green. Just tare it into pieces and cover the entire surface of the carpet. Do not be officious with tearing the leaves because they should not be so small (they should be at least ten centimeters long) because you will find it difficult to take them off the carpet later. After you are ready with this step, you can take a brush, medium hard, and actively rub the pieces of sauerkraut into the carpet. You will see after some time how leaves will get dirty and grey – and this is exactly the aim. Gather them with the help of a groom and repeat the procedure.

Tearing the leaves, rubbing and gathering – it is applied until the leaves of the sauerkraut stop getting dirty after rubbing. This is a clear sign that the carpet is completely clean. Remove all the pieces from the leaves and leave the carpet to get dry. Make sure that no one will step on the carpet while it is still wet, because as you know wet carpet gets dirty more easily and the entire procedure then will be useless to be done.

The final phase will be cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. It is necessary so that all tiny pieces left from the sauerkraut after rubbing could be gathered. In most cases after the complete drying of the carpet, there is no smell that is felt and no one would suspect that you have used sauerkraut for cleaning it.

But if you still think that you can feel some unpleasant smell, you can sprinkle a few drops from your favorite essential oil over the carpet. For those who think that the method with sauerkraut is too unconventional, strange and with an uncertain result, we recommend using raw potatoes. Wash them and grate them on the largest possible grater and generously salt them.

Then you can do the same actions that were described with the sauerkraut. It is obvious for you that this method is less unpleasant when we talk about the smell, but it is much harder for implementation because it takes more time and effort for the preliminary preparation of the potatoes.

After all only 2-3 potatoes will not be enough at all, so imagine how you grate at least ten and more potatoes for each round. Which one of these two methods you will chose is according to your opinion, you will decide which one is more convenient for you. The results from both methods are excellent.

Tea leaves and /or old bread are also useful for the carpet

tea leaves carpet cleaningWhen cleaning the carpet you can also use those two products. The peculiarity here is that they manage in an excellent way with dirt, but their strength is more in turning the normal colour of the fibers after they got darker with time.

The principle of work is the same as the one described above. You spread the tea leaves (after they are being boiled!) or the bread pieces, rub them and sweep them. Naturally, gathering these “natural means” is much difficult in comparison to gathering the sauerkraut leaves or potatoes, but the colours of the carpet after that will be much brighter and vivid, and they will look almost like new.

And an excellent winter carpet cleaning method

The snow can bring joy to the children and to the adults it could be an unpleasant part of the winter, but when the cold and the snow are here, you should know that the ideal time for cleaning the carpet has come. Take the carpet out and put it directly on the snow with the “face” down. With a rod or hard groom you have to “hit” the carpet, an action similar to beating it. When you do it on the entire surface of the carpet, you need to turn it on the other side, sweep it and repeat the procedure, until you see that the snow under the carpet, remains clean. In the end of course, you have to place the carpet on an airy spot and let it dry.

Important! The snow on which you are going to work on should always be clean and dry. And it is even better if the snow is a bit frozen (hard). If it is wet, it will melt and it will turn into slush into the carpet, and it will absorb the dirt deeply into the carpet fibers. And not only it will not clean the carpet, but it will make it worse.

Using household chemicals

Liquid soap, shampoo, detergent and special preparations.
household carpet cleaning chemicals
They will also help for cleaning the carpet at home. For this purpose, put some amount of one of these products in water until it is fully dissolved. You can add a small amount of turpentine. The good thing here is that you will have foam formed. Put some of the amount on the carpet and use a soft and clean cloth or brush to spread the preparation over the entire area. It is not necessary to rub intensively, just make slight circular movements and they would be enough to remove the stains. The next step is drying the carpet, and you can help for accelerating the process. With the help of another dry cloth, you can start swabbing up the carpet. You will achieve the best results if you hang the carpet and you start drying it from the top.

Important! The drying should be done on hard surface so that the structure of the carpet is not damaged. If you decide to dry on an ordinary wire space, it is most probably that the carpet will hang over its own weight and it will get unequal position while getting dry. As a result of this it will be more difficult to fit it back on its usual place, it will be difficult to “iron” it and for a long time it will not be placed smoothly on the floor.

Act quickly at different spills

It is most probably to get a stain when you spill something on the carpet. The variants for taking care of the stain after that are many, but why should you get to that point?! You can save these worries if you take preventive measures against stain formation.

The first thing that you need to do is to wipe the liquid/the substance as quickly as possible. You should use dry cloth. Serviettes and kitchen paper are not recommended, because they turn into small rolled wicks that are difficult to be removed after that, but if you do not have a cloth, this will also do the job.

You should have in mind that you need to start swabbing the affected area from the ends towards the inner part. The aim is to avid spilling the liquid over a bigger area. After you are convinced that the carpet is as dry as possible, you can proceed with treating the wet area with a preparation. This step is recommended to be always applied even if there are no indications for stain formation, because when the area gets dry, you might be unpleasantly surprised.

Use the means that you have in hand – washing-up liquid, shampoo, universal preparation. If you do not have any of these things, you can use vinegar – it will eliminate the dirt completely, and the sore smell will disappear immediately after the complete drying.

If you don’t think you can handle with all these carpet cleaning methods just call us or go directly to our carpet cleaning page, read more about our professional cleaning services and book us to help you  clean your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.