Carpet Cleaning Company – How To Find The Right One

Do you know the situations when the carpet gets unrecognizably dirty ? And when you can’t find the time to clean them or don’t know exactly how to proceed? When you don’t want to risk unknown and supposedly very active products? Whether it is a combination of all the above cases or only one of them, the decision is one – to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. So far so good. But how to choose the right company, they are so many in London? And how to make sure that your choice of carpet cleaning professsionals is correct?

Undoubtedly, the factors, that determine how reliable a company is, what is the quality and how responsibly they’re doing their job, are many. And confusing. To help you, we at Cleaner Cleaner endeavoured to assimilate the most important criteria. If you trust them and track their performance, you will find ideal company for cleaning your carpet.

Opinions and feedback from friends and family

carpet cleaning services feedbackWhat a better advertisement for a cleaning company than reviews from satisfied customers! And not just advertising, but a guarantee that the carpet cleaning company is a great choice! So the first thing you can do is to ask friends, relatives and neighbours who used such professional help when in need of cleaning their carpets – whether they are satisfied with how much it cost or would they hire a company again. You know what to ask. The goal is to get first-hand information and orientate in your search.


Search the Web

It is believed that the presence of the Internet simplifies search. And that is somewhat true. But what happens when you end up with hundreds of search results. There are many carpet cleaning companies in London. Do you have time to explore each of them? Even if you have, selecting a decision is not simpler, on the contrary – having many alternatives makes it difficult. Here’s how to navigate more easily and quickly among all sites to choose the right one for your cleaning company:

  • Simplified structure and welcoming design – It’s the first impression. You agree, right? You prove it yourself when closing instantly sites that are too confusing and chaotic. It’s difficult to navigate and you can’t easily find what interests you. Consider that the web-presentation of a carpet cleaning company is its business card, the way it would want customers to perceive it. What conclusion should make then if everything is messed up. Once a company is good enough, it would try that is clear even from the look of the London cleaning company website. You’d better really move to the next site.
  • Well organized, clear and comprehensive information – beautiful design is not enough. What is the benefit if the site does not offer information on each service for cleaning, in particular if carpet cleaning is not explained in detail – the working methods used, what products, what are the conditions for hiring such services and everything that would interest you!
  • Contacts – there is already no site without a contact form – the place where you fill your data and inquiry. But keep in mind how long it will take them to get an answer. Why would you hire a company that answers you after a day or two? The option of online-chat is a signal that the company you are targeting, is prove that you and your issues are important to them and they can address them immediately. And that’s good, right.

carpet cleaning companyWhen you have already identified and selected a number of carpet cleaning companies then begins the real part of the search. While you’re still surfing the Internet, pay attention to comments and feedback from customers for any company that interests you. It would be wonderful if no one has voiced negative opinion about a company, but that is almost impossible because such selection is strictly subjective. Just because someone didn’t like an item doesn’t mean that it won’t appeal to you. Still you should be critical. Beware of companies with bad feedback and concern in basic principles in cleaning carpets. And this will be your first hint – sift out only those whit a prevailing positive feedback.

And so your hesitations are reduced but still you haven’t decided exactly which company you will hire. We will get to that. You should continue with the screening. Here, however is when you start to communicate with the selected companies.

We suggest that you send a request to all those in doubt. Try to send identical inquiry, so you can compare the answers later. Of course, the first thing you should look for is the carpet cleaning services price. Do not rush however for the lowest. Naturally, it would be great to save few pounds if you can, but are you sure it would be worth it? And if it turns out you’re not happy with the service and you paid for nothing?

Ask what guarantees for the quality they offer.

Many London cleaning companies will promise that if you are not satisfied with the cleaning will do it again. But are they really going to keep this promise? What are their conditions for such a complain? Don’t leave any question unanswered.

While we’re on the topic of quality assurance, keep in mind something else. Once you find a carpet cleaning company and hire it to clean your carpet do they rush into it? Not even aware of the specific case?! Is it not a bit suspicious if you’re given quality guarantees, without being sure what will they need to cope with, without knowing the extent of contamination, size and type of the carpet? There are many conditions to consider! True professional cleaners would have complied with all of them and only then will prepare an offer and eventually give guarantees. The greatest security for you would be, if the team insists to perform a preliminary inspection.

At the time of the inspection you’ll have more work. Now is the time to ask all your questions. Yes, again. Inquiring won’t hurt anybody. And that way you can compare answers of the written query with those who you’ll get in place. Any large difference between the answers is cause for doubt.

Ask what chemicals will be used in the eventual carpet cleaning service.

eco friendly carpet cleaningDo not accept an offer from a carpet cleaning company that does not work with eco products. Such conditions are extremely important for you and your family because eco cleaning products would not be a reason for the occurrence of allergic reactions. On the other hand they are gentler to nature and are important for the carpet – you won’t risk ruining it.

When asking your questions you will receive valuable information on something else that that is very important. In this informal communication you will get an idea of the attitude of the company toward potential customers. Are they polite and willing to give you a comprehensive answer? Or they are frowning, chatty and want to end quickly the meeting. All this is not without significance for you, right?

Now you’re almost sure which company to contact. There is only one more aspect. And it is about time. No, not the one outside, it doesn’t matter if it rains 😉 It’s about how long it will take the team to clean up. And more importantly – take into account whether they are willing to visit you at your convenience for your domestic carpet cleaning.

And last but not least – are they against your presence during the procedures. Many customers don’t choose to be home when the cleaning company is working in their home – they can do something more useful. Most likely you will choose so. However, if the carpet cleaning staff has a problem working while you’re home at the time and explicitly tell you – well, that is a serious cause for doubt.