Free antiviral treatment; our fight against Covid 19

We hope that everyone is well staying safe and staying at home!

As a response to the current situation we have added an additional step completely free of charge which we believe will be beneficial to everyone. 

Free disinfection and antiviral treatment

As we are all taking precautions and implementing further efforts to increase our cleaning standards due to the COVID-19 situation, at Cleaner Cleaner we are now applying an antiviral, antibacterial spray to sanitise all surfaces. This will provide a completely sterile environment for our teams to work in and a healthy home, ready for new tenants to move in.  

The antiviral product

The product we use works against enveloped viruses (such as HIV, Chicken Pox, Influenza A, Hepatitis C and Coronaviruses) by destroying the membrane much like alcohol-based products, however QAT (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) provides longer lasting protection. This can be used on pretty much all hard surfaces and any wet cleanable fabrics, carpets, curtains and rugs.

Added value and peace of mind 

We are always happy to add more value to our services. We are offering this additional step to our professional carpet, upholstery and end of tenancy cleaning services completely free of charge. We hope this puts minds at ease, especially to those moving into new homes.    

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